Complete Guide to Creating a Free Website on WordPress

Hello friends, this time we will discuss how to create a free website on WordPress.
WordPress is a platform that is very easy to manage compared to other platforms. For those of you who have businesses to develop such as online shops, online courses and so on, I recommend creating a free website on WordPress. It's flexible and can be managed by you who are still beginners though. This is one reason why most people use WordPress as a platform to build and grow their business.

How to Make a free website on WordPress

Alright friends, in this article I will explain the complete guide on how to create a website on WordPress step by step with pictures so that your friends can easily understand it. Immediately, friends refer to the following explanation to complete.

Step One: Register to

Friends first visit the site to register. Later friends will find a screen like the one below.

Please Click Start and friends will be directed to the registration page.
Fill in the registration form. Things you should give are Email Address, User Name, Password, and Blog Address or Domain Name. Then click Create Blog.
There are several things you should know, that is, the domain name that you choose will end with because you use the WordPress platform to create a free website, for example, I choose the infodasar blog name and it will automatically be added to Wordpress. com. So my domain name or website address is See the image below.

Second step: Confirm E-Mail and Activate Blog

After you finish the first step, you will see a screen like the one below.

This is a request to confirm your friends' e-mail address. Open your friends' email and click Activate Blog. Please see the picture below.

Step Three: Manage the Website

After you finish the second step, you will be asked a number of details related to your new websites such as the website title, tagline, and language. After filling all the details, click on the next step.

Step Four: Choose a WordPress Theme

In this step, you must choose a theme for your website. There will be found free and premium themes. Choose one of the free themes and go to the next step. If you want to customize the theme, please click Next Step.

Step Five: Connect with Facebook or Twitter

Friends can choose to configure friends' Twitter and Facebook accounts. Friends can also skip this step and go to the next step. Friends can configure this item later.

Step Six: Complete the Process

Click Done! Friends have succeeded in creating a free website on WordPress. It's time to check how the website looks.

Step Seven: Visit the Websites of Friends That Are Just Made

Open a browser and type in your friend's full domain name or Website URL. Friends can see the Friends website.
At this stage, the entire process of creating a free website in WordPress is complete and only takes a few minutes to manage everything. But you need to know that this is just the beginning, you need to change the look of your website to make it look attractive.

Step Eight: Change the Look of the Website

To change the look of the newly created Friends website. Click My Blog in the menu bar and then click Change Appearance. Consider the following picture.

Friends will find a screen which is a WordPress Dashboard. Friends, friends can do more things using the left sidebar. On the left sidebar, there is an Appearance tab that allows friends to adjust existing themes and switch between new themes. See the image below.

What is contained in the sidebar tab, the following explanation?
1. Dashboard: For WordPress updates, Plugins and Themes
2. Posts: To edit, delete and write new posts
3. Media: To manage and upload new media files such as images and videos
4. Pages: To manage and create new pages on Friends Blog
5. Comments: To moderate comments. Here Friends can approve, delete and reply to comments
6. Appearance: We've discussed it before to try new themes and adjustments
7. Arrangement: Many things must be done. Go through the settings and configure as needed.

Thus a full explanation of how to create a website on WordPress, hopefully, can help friends in creating a new website.

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