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Definition of personality psychology and Types

Every human being has many differences that are individual in themselves, such as skin tone, speech, physical abilities, intelligence, learning ability, and personality traits. In terms of skin tone, humans have red, white, black or mixed colours. In terms of human character and morals, there are good and some are bad and easy to get along, some are bad and difficult to get along. 

The colour difference, the character on the human emotional level is the difference in creation derived from differences in body structure. At an intellectual or intelligence quality level, the difference between humans lies in the ability to think like understanding or remembering and also the ability to learn. Psychologists define the base of intelligence as learning ability.

Definition of personality psychology

According to its origin, the personality comes from the Latin personal, which means it sounds.

The term personality primarily refers to the organization/arrangement rather than the characteristics and aspects of other behaviours interconnected in a person. These characteristics and aspects are psycho-physical which causes the individual to act and act as he does and demonstrate characteristics that distinguish individuals from other individuals. Including attitudes, beliefs, values and ideas, knowledge and skills, various ways of gestures.
Personality is what determines the behaviour in something prescribed and in the consciousness of the established soul  ".

Types of Human personality psychology

Personality is an organization (consisting of various aspects of psychic and physical) which is a structure and process. Human personality is something that can change. At the same time, human personality regularly changes with the growth or development of humans.

Melancholy Personality

It is one of the human personalities according to the melancholy of hippochundred. This type of personality arises because melancholy fluid is more dominant in the human body.
This type of melancholy temperament considers everything important. Even in any circumstance, the sad person has reason to feel worried. The first thing to note is not the ease of doing but the difficulties that may occur.
All that is done is not by moral consideration. But hanging out with others that make themselves feel prejudiced and think for too long. This is actually what makes people with melancholy personalities difficult to feel happy at all times.

Phlegmatic Personality

The next type of human personality is the phlegmatic personality. This personality is caused by a more dominant fluid in the human body, liquid phlegm. People with phlegmatic types are people who have a distinctive personality type that is relaxing to face something. His attitude is like no haste, calm, hard to be influenced by the environment, loyal, cold, and patient.
At first glance, the phlegmatic seems to be less excited and enthusiastic. But it's not a weakness, its castability makes it behave that way. In addition, it is not easily affected so the attitude is not rushed to make conclusions.

Sanguinis Personality

Sanguine personality appears because of the more dominant fluid in the body i.e. Sanguis fluid. Individuals who have sanguinis personality are those who have special personality types. Sanguines has such a life-flowing personality, friendly, easy-to-hang, cheerful, smiling, and optimistic.
Sanguine attitudes are always cheerful and everything faced is considered very important. However, this person can easily forget things that were previously considered important.
Sanguine personalities always want to keep their promises. But he failed to do what he wanted because this person was less interested in helping others.
In addition, Sanguinist is a bad debtor. He will continue to ask for time to pay until the lender is lazy to charge. The soul of Sanguinis is very flexible, easy to get along, easy to hang out, and cheerful.

Choleric personality

A tolerant personality is one of the human personalities caused by the more dominant fluid in the body, the flu fluid. Choleric are people who have interesting personality types as well. Some personality that fits like life is vigorous, hard work, high struggle, optimistic person. In addition, the corrupt people are irritable, like to organize, to feel a ruler, vengeful, and serious.
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