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Definition of Social Problems and Examples

Definition of Social Problems is a condition that involves damage to one or more individuals or a social entity that has at least one cause of social problems or at least one social effect that requires a social solution. Social Problems can be interpreted as situations, policies, or trends that are sad or threatening for many people (Glynn et al. 1996: 3) Social problems are conditions that affect large numbers of people in ways that are considered undesirable (Horton et al. 1997: 2 )

Definition of Social Problems

Social problems Sociologically, are phenomena that are considered bad or unwanted by a large number of people or a significant number of people who mobilize to overcome them. (Heiner 2010: 5)
Social problems alleged situations that do not fit the values of a large number of people who agree that action is needed to change the situation. (Rubington and Weinberg 2011: 3)
The version of Heiner's approach is the definition offered by Joel Best: "Namely, the study of social problems must focus on how and why certain conditions are constructed as social problems" (2008: 14).
Social Problems

The constructivist approach considers public awareness of a problem, which implies a person with a claim through the process of making others see reality in the same way as the claim maker.
In the above understanding, there are no appropriate external benchmarks to be studied by social problem analysts who only process events seen as social problems. In this paper, approaches to social problems up to a certain level of social awareness can only emerge through effective social constructs of those problems.

Causes of Social Problems

In general, the cause of social problems is mainly caused by the community or the environment in which he lives. However, certain actions of individuals or groups are factors that cause social problems that are directly related to someone.
Another reason why social problems occur is because of peer pressure or family. The disagreement between individuals or groups in a society can also cause social problems. This event is called an interaction perspective.
Disputes between different cultures and religions in society are the reasons why social problems occur. People are usually influenced by their culture and religion. Some people are so fanatical in their views and beliefs that they see others as something different from them. Such perceptions can trigger individual social problems even over groups or groups.
In addition, the social structure of society is a very basic thing in society, it is the main reason why social problems occur.
Some individuals or groups may feel excluded from the social, economic or political structure of society. The social structure of society can be designed so that they turn off or marginalize certain segments of the community where they live, usually a minority group. Government intervention and policy can also be a cause of social problems because they can directly or indirectly support certain communities and ignore certain groups of people.

Examples of Social Problems

Today's social problems are what we never encountered years ago. Every day, social problems get worse. The following are some examples of social problems that are often encountered in the community.

1. Health Problems

Health problems are social problems that are often found in people's lives. This can be seen by the increasing number of hospital patients or those who are not going to the hospital for various reasons. They experience diseases that are diagnosed as dangerous diseases that can threaten life such as AIDS and cancer. Due to the lack of proper health service reforms, the condition of public health is one of the social problems today.

2. Youth association

Adolescent relationships are now very concerned. Adolescent relationships today are rarely found in the past where we live. Teenagers today have been influenced by a bad culture that damages morality, ethics, and morals. In some cases, many teenagers are involved in drug abuse, alcohol consumption, free sex and there are even teenagers who commit suicide because of the stress they experience.
Thus a brief explanation of the understanding of social problems and examples. Thus we can understand the social problems found in the environment around us.
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