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Famous Javanese Foods Very Delicious

Java Island is the largest island in Indonesia and even becomes the 13th largest island in the world. From the breadth of the region, the island of Java is inseparable from a variety of attractions that are an attraction for both local and foreign tourists. Culinary tourism on the island of Java is one of the main attraction for those who had visited there.

Famous Javanese Foods

For friends who plan to visit Java Island, don't miss tasting delicious dishes from the culinary that are served there. Any food that is on the island of Java that you must try. The following describes some typical Javanese dishes that are famous and very delicious.

1. Lontong Race

Lontong racing is one of the legendary typical foods of East Java and is very famous. Besides its unique name, it also tastes very good and tasty. Why is it called lontong racing?

In East Java, in ancient times there were lontong sellers who used to carry their sales around the city in Surabaya by walking quickly. Therefore, this type of eating is called lontong racing and until now lontong racing is still one of the favourite dishes for local people.
For friends who want to know the ingredients of the rice cake racing, friends should try it. Racing rice cake is a mixture of rice cake, bean sprouts, fried tofu, lenthok, soy sauce, fried onions, chilli sauce. For a sauce that tastes like salty, sweet, savoury, poured over it. Racing rice cake will taste better when eaten while still warm.

2. Rujak Cingur

In addition to rice cake racing, in East Java, there is also a cingur salad that is no less legendary than other typical Javanese foods. Cingur salad is made from pieces of fruit that are given Cingur in Javanese which means cow's mouth, vegetables, tofu, and cingur salad seasoning which is a mixture of chilli, paste, brown sugar, garlic, fried beans.

3. Pecel Rice

Pecel rice is one of the culinary that is already very well known in Indonesia, even abroad. Pecel rice is made from rice and vegetables that are given side dishes, then doused with a slightly spicy peanut sauce, usually eaten with peyek. Because naci pecel is a typical food of East Java so that friends can find it in Jember, Malang, and Surabaya.

4. Tahu Tek

Called know tek because the seller used to go around while knocking forks into the pan to produce a "tek-tek-tek" sound from the sound so that it was named tek tek.

Friends can find Know this tech at night. Usually, a serving of tofu tek consists of fried tofu, rice cake, bean sprouts, crackers, french fries, cucumber and also eggs. For the tek tek seasoning, which is purih onion, paste, soy sauce, fried peanuts, chilli.

5. Semarang Spring Rolls

Lumpia Semarang is one of the Central Javanese specialities. Mix for one portion, namely chicken, egg, shrimp and vegetables. The savoury taste will be increasingly felt when eaten while still warm, especially if added to the sauce or consumed with fresh green chilli. One portion is very suitable to accompany friends during the day, evening, and at night.

6. Petis Tofu

Tahu petis is also typical food of central Java which is one of the favourites of culinary lovers. Petis tofu is fried tofu and black sauce is added called petis sauce. This sauce stews the shrimp and fish sauce which is cooked until thickened. From the ingredients and processing to produce a very delicious and tasty taste. Tofu paste will be more savoury if eaten while still hot and dipped with various kinds of paste-like sweet, salty, and savoury.

7. Gandul Rice

Nasi Gandul is one of the typical Pati foods that are so famous in Central Java. The barren rice is usually served on banana leaves which provide a pleasant aroma that can tempt anyone when they smell it. The barren rice is made from white rice, eggs, beef, and yellow seasoning coconut milk sauce. For one portion of barren rice is more delicious when enjoyed with crackers.

8. Lontong Kari

The last Javanese food mentioned in this article is the curry rice cake. Curry rice cake itself comes from West Java which is made from rice cake, peanut sauce, beef, fried onions, curry seasoning, and eggs. The spice mixture creates a tongue-tasting delicacy. The price for one portion is usually Rp. 10,000 In addition to the affordable price, curry rice cake also makes the tongue addicted. So for friends who take the time to visit West Java, don't forget to taste the delicious rice cake curry.

These are some of the Javanese specialities mentioned in this article. Hopefully can provide information for friends about delicious food that friends will eat if they are on the island of Java.
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