A Brief Explanation of How to Create a Blog

Having a blog is one of its special features for lovers of information or articles, especially if the blogs they manage have a lot of visitors. People who manage blogs are called bloggers. Friends need to know that a blogger can get income from their blogs up to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. Sounds very tempting and being a professional blogger with a large income is not an impossible thing.

How to create a blog

For friends who want to become a professional blogger with a large income, then the first step you should do is have a blog to manage. What if friends do not know how to create a blog?

To create a blog, friends just search on Google about how to create a blog, there will be many articles that will provide guidance to friends in creating a blog. For friends who are reading this article, just read this article until it is finished, understood and practised then friends will have a blog and get ready to become a blogger. Immediately, friends see how to create the following blog.

1. Open Blogger.com

After friends succeed in opening blogger.com, find a new blog menu and then friends just click. At this stage is the beginning of friends creating a new blog. friends will be asked to log in, then just friends log in using the G-Mail account that has been created. Blogspot itself is one of the features of Google which is a place to share information with others through long writing. Thus, the blog that friends create with the Blogspot platform logs in with G-Mail.

2. Fill in the Blog Title

After friends successfully log in and find a new blog menu, then please fill in the title of the blog in accordance with what friends want to discuss and inform others. My advice, please fill in the title of the new blog with what friends like to discuss. For example food, education, health, law and others based on the expertise and habits of friends.

3. Fill in the Blog Url Address

In addition to the blog title, the blog URL is also an important thing for friends to pay attention to. Blog URL will affect the level of competition in Google search. My advice friends select a blog URL that is easy to remember, short and interesting. Ahal proficiency level will affect SEO.

4. Choosing a New Blog Theme

After friends make a blog title and URL, it's time to choose a place that your friends like. Template blog itself basically has been prepared by default by blogger.com. friends can choose one of the available templates. You need friends to know that the blog template is very influential with the level of competition in the article on the Google search engine. For the default blogger template, it's still very simple so friends need coding skills to make it more SEO. But don't worry, for friends who don't know much about coding, friends can download templates both free and premium. At this point, friends have created a new blog.

5. Posting Articles

After the new blog is finished friends make, it's time to make an article to be posted. To make a new post please friends click the new entry button. Once open, please write the title of the article that your friends want to write. Next, please start writing the article on the blank content page. Adjust the contents of the writing of friends with the title of the article that has been made. You can also write an article on Microsoft Word first and then copy-paste it into the article content page.

My advice, do not copy and paste someone else's article raw because it will have an impact on Google's difficult indexed article. Actually, it's okay to copy other people's articles as long as your friends edit them so they are different from the original.
After writing the article, friends make it, it's time to post the article by clicking on the post on the blogger page right next to the draft. 

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