Tips on Caring for a Motorcycle to Last Longer

Motorcycle maintenance is an important part for motorcycle owners. If you want to ride your motorcycle to stay comfortable and last longer, you need to know the important elements of motorcycle maintenance. You will not only save money, but you will also increase the sale value if you decide to sell it in the future. And the most important thing is to ensure your safety on the road.

Tips on Caring for a Motorcycle

In terms of motorcycle maintenance tips, there is no better place than you to understand it yourself. This is related to maintenance that describes what you need to do. If you see the letters I, C, R, A and L, they usually stand for Inspect, Clean, Replace, Adjust and Lubricate.
In addition to the knowledge gained from this, you also need to understand tips on caring for your motorcycle so that it lasts longer. The following tips are intended:

1. Take care properly
Important for motorcycle maintenance is that you treat it properly for the first few thousand kilometres of its life. You need to read and understand the motor maintenance manual.

2. Get to know the way the inside works
Motorbikes are quite complicated machines, but once you understand how each unit functions, the rest is easier and regular motorcycle maintenance becomes easier.

3. Check oil regularly
You have to change the oil every 5,000 or 10,000 km, depending on the model of the motorcycle. Note that during the summer the bicycle will use more oil, while in winter it will last a little longer.

4. Take care of the brake pads
The next motorcycle tip is when the brake pads are thinner than 2mm, now it's time to change it. This can save your life.

5. Let the motorcycle engine run smoothly
Lubrication is a vital element of motorcycle maintenance. Depending on your bicycle model, you might need to lubricate the steering head bearings, swingarm, suspension ties, and wheel bearings. Turn the bearing slowly by hand and check the wheel bearings once a year. It's also important to check your fork oil and replace it every few years.

6. Keep the tire in perfect condition
Check your tire pressure and tread before you start the trip to make sure there are no holes, cracks, tears or wear that can put you in danger. Tires are affected by weather and soil conditions, so be aware if you live or often drive a car in a humid place. An important motor maintenance tip is to check tire pressure regularly with a pressure gauge. Do this when the bike is cold, and not during the trip.

7. Keep the chain
Maintenance of a motorcycle chain means making sure your chain has the right amount of slack in the tightest places. Too much tension will cause problems with your gearboxes and wheels. Other motor maintenance tips are adding lubricant to your chain when you return from a trip and when it's still warm, so the chain can absorb oil when it's cold. Clean the chain with a cloth and kerosene every time you change the oil.

8. Check the spark plug yourself
If your spark plug is dirty or badly corroded, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible so it doesn't wear out completely. When checking an ordinary motorcycle, including spark plugs. The engine must cool for at least two hours. Clean old spark plugs, open with spark plugs and rachets and check. If it's orange, it's OK; if it's white then your engine is too hot. A black spark plug can mean the mixture of air and fuel is too rich. New spark plugs must be added by hand to make sure you don't hate them too tightly.

9. Clean the air filter
Another motor maintenance tip is cleaning the air filter. If it's dirty, doesn't fit properly or isn't well oiled, dirt and sand can get into the machine. Follow the motorcycle maintenance plan carefully and if you often drive on dusty roads, clean and replace the air filter regularly.

10. Take care of the motorcycle battery
Part of your general motorcycle maintenance is checking your battery every month. Terminals must be clean to prevent corrosion. Check the connectors on the terminals are not loose - if they are bicycles will not start. Check the battery regularly for leaks and charge once a week. Allowing them to be completely exhausted will only shorten their lives and have an impact on their performance.

11. Adjust the valve
Many motorbikes require valve adjustments, so check the motorcycle maintenance manual to see if it is necessary for your model.

Those are some tips you can do to keep your motorbike awake and last longer. When you intend to sell it one day, the selling value will not drop dramatically. And the most important thing is safety for the rider.

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