Tips For Buying Used Cars You Need To Know

Used cars are sold due to various factors. Usually, because they want to buy the latest cars, so they sell old cars because they don't use them anymore. That's what you should look for, because such used cars are usually still in good condition, like new, and not broken. We recommend that you do not buy cars that were sold because often out in the garage. 

Tips for buying Used cars 

For more information please purchase a used car to note. 

Do not rush to choose

In choosing a used car should be patient. What if the seller's price offered is too high. You have to know how many used car market prices are purchased and start bidding at prices below that price. It's easier to increase your bids than lowering prices. 

Information on used car prices can be found from the automotive site. When you have collected price data when choosing a used car, do not directly believe in the results of the data you have obtained. Remember, every seller definitely expects a big profit. So, the average price of used cars is already an elevated price or not necessarily the price of the used car market.

Invite people who understand car engines

You have to remember, when you buy a used car, it can also mean you are buying someone else's problem. Make sure you know the history of the car you're about to buy, including the treatment. This can be known from the Car Care card. Find the information as accurately as possible including whether the car has been drowned by flooding, engine interference, accidents, etc. Before buying a car, ask the expert mechanics to check the car.

Check machine condition

In examining the condition of the machine, you need qualified technical skills. For example, if a used car has a louder sound than a normal car, the machine goes off, then the car is often flooded. If you want more for sure, get technical help to check out. Moreover, now the car repair shop already uses a computerized system for checking process.

Watch the car Body

You should also check his car body, even if not as important as the engine, but you certainly don't want to buy a car that is dent instead? Because if it's a dent, you should be able to ask for more discounts. Besides the exterior, you should also check car interiors. Also check whether the car parts are genuine or not, for example, rearview mirror, car door. Check also the NAT width between the door and the frame, whether the NAT width is the same around the door. If there is a pause, then it is possible if the car has been damaged or crashed.

Vehicle documents

This is important because to know if the car was stolen or not. Also, make sure the vehicle documents are genuine. These documents and documents are the STNK, BPKB, and other related letters. To check authenticity can be checked in local police. These letters will be important when you want to care for the extension of the car license plate later.

Conducting a trial

Try to get the permission of the opportunity to do Test Drive as far as possible with various forms of roads. You can also try to the area where the car is often used. With this test drive, you can find out the problems found in the car.

Mistakes of used car buyers

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes by buying used cars. Because buying a used car is not like buying a new car that has the condition of the machine and its components are guaranteed. Many things to understand and do when you want to buy a used car.
Once you make a mistake, then there is not a slight cost loss to be incurred by you. Start from losing the price when you first buy, until the cost of the treatment you have to do later.
Here are some mistakes that someone often does when they want to buy a used car.

Doesn't ask for vehicle history

Do you want to buy a car directly from the first-hand car owner or from a dealer? No matter which option you buy, but at the moment you have to ask and find out. You must ensure that the vehicle you are purchasing has never been hit by major collision, flooding, or resetting the odometer. Also ask, is the vehicle ever a rented unit or a crane vehicle from leasing?
Because, there are some buyers who do not like used cars that are already a rented car, compared to used cars themselves.

Does not carry the mechanic

If you understand the vehicle's engine, you don't need to do this. But if not, then invite your friends who understand about the vehicle engine or if not rent a mechanic.
A person who understands the vehicle's engine will be able to inspect all parts of the car, whether still using the original spare parts of the factory or not, or others. Because, if the car you are going to buy has been replaced by a component, make sure it is not an imitation of two or three-quality component.

Not checking vehicle records

When buying a used car, you should check your physical appearance. Ranging from paint to the authenticity of the body. However, beyond that, there is one important thing to examine, i.e. the history of the machine. The key is; You know if the owners of the previous car diligently care for the car, ranging from an oil change, filters, to replacement of damaged parts.
Try asking the owner's handbook when the car is still under warranty period and afterwards. At least from this book, you can find out what the car owner previously treated the car. That is not less important, you can also know the completeness of vehicle records and legal documents.

Not testing

It is important to buy vehicles, tests or test-drive vehicles. You will know the real condition of the vehicle you are going to buy if you try it. From the comfort, the sound of the engine on the run, to the spring system belonging to the car. 
Unfortunately, mistakes often made by prospective buyers are not detailed when conducting tests on cars to be bought or equal at least. Either because it is like the physical appearance of the car to be bought or because they feel not hesitate with the seller, as a prospective buyer you seem to hurry to immediately take the decision even though only a few hundred meters try the car The.
In fact, damage or strangeness of the car engine has not tasted when the car is run only a few hundred meters. Because it is not uncommon  "Naughty merchants" who do service random because they see that what is important when tested or in a few months the problem in the car is not seen.

Not making comparisons

The Internet has changed the way you search for cars, whether new or used cars. From the price, type of car, to the comparison of current car loans can be done through the Internet.
Remember, the price of the sales agent or dealer is sometimes higher than the price offered by the seller directly. In theory, dealers offer higher scores because he wants to take advantage and check the cost of vehicles purchased.

So some explanations about buying used car tips that you need to know in order to avoid mistakes when buying used cars.

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