Kinds of Personality Types Need to Know

Psychology is a science that examines the psychiatric of a person who implicates their character. By knowing the different characters of one's character, it will be easier to understand others that are related to the way we communicate and act with others. The different personality types of a person are personal psychology studies which in principle must be understood by each individual to help them get along with one another.

Types of Personality

Social harmony relies on both personal and community understandings. It will be created if each of them has the ability to map the trends of those around him. As such, there is no base for us to put aside one of these branches of discipline.
Kinds of Personality Types

As I explained above regarding the importance of learning the character of each individual, then we immediately refer to the following explanation related to the title of this article.

  • Sanguinis/Popular type

Sanguinis is a type of character that tends to be considered, wanting to be saved by others, very confident, and happy with such a carefree and joyful situation like partying and gathering with his friends. 

People who are sanguinis personalities tend to think shorter even in making such an important decision. In addition, the type of sanguine is very difficult to be taken seriously and they are also very hard to concentrate.

  • Excess type Sanguinis

People with sanguine character have some advantages that can be used as attraction for others. These advantages include.

  1. So expressive and like to speak
  2. Have high enthusiasm and demonstrative
  3. Emotional, cheerful, and have a high sense of curiosity
  4. Can adapt to the environment easily
  5. Childish but sincere hearted
  6. Very pleased with the compliment
  7. Easy to forgive not spiteful
  8. Have initiatives and tend to avoid boring things

  • Disadvantages of type Sanguinis

In addition to the advantages described above, the type of Sangunis also has a number of less. Here's the less that belongs to this type of character.

  1. It's hard to be silent and tend to laugh loudly
  2. Tends to raise an event
  3. Like followup without deep knowledge
  4. likes to speak and very disreputable
  5. Although trivial things often seek approval
  6. Not disciplined and timely
  7. Hard to listen thoroughly, like to interrupt talks, and dominate the conversation
  8. Other people's problems seem to be a problem
  9. Selfishness or Egos
  10. Always pretext by repeating the same conversation
  11. tends to spend money than how to save


  • Koleris/strong type

The personality of a leader is attached to the type of koleris character. Koleris types enjoy organizing, adventurer, fun with new and decisive challenges when making decisions. In addition, the type of Koleris is not easy to succumb and give up. The type of Koleris is a dream because it looks strong, although it rarely has fun.

  • Excess type Koleris

  1. Happy to lead and make decisions
  2. Tend to be dynamic and active
  3. Strong concern to achieve the goal
  4. Dare to face problems
  5. Have a forward vision
  6. Quick Find Solution
  7. Friends are not so important 

  • Deficiency of Koleris type

  1. Happy to reign
  2. Quick temper and less impatience
  3. It's hard to relax and too fiery
  4. Pleased with the quarrels and the controversial things
  5. Too stiff Dank eras 
  6. Have no sympathy
  7. Not pleased with the things related to tears
  8. To The Point does not like
  9. Tends to make hasty decisions
  10. Tend to utilize or personize others
  11. Very difficult to forgive and admit mistakes
  12. Love dies with work

  • Melancholy/Perfect

The melancholy type is usually a perfectionist and has a neat, orderly, well-planned character, and can take into consideration everything after looking at the small things. In terms of physical appearance, they will perform perfectly with neat clothes, seamless clothes, clean shoes, belongings neatly arranged and their writing looks neat. This type of personality usually likes to organize others, happy to control everything on its own, cool speech, apply according to the rules. This type of personality always wanted to know and pursue answers in depth because it wants perfection.

  • Excess type Melancholy

  1. Schedule and destination-oriented
  2. Highly analytical, serious, and profound
  3. Very sensitive, creative, and artistic
  4. Very idealistic and inclined to sacrifice themselves
  5. Looking for creative solutions
  6. Completing what he has begun
  7. Tends to avoid the attention of others 
  8. Be very careful in making friends
  9. Respect to others and want to listen to their complaints

  • Disadvantages of Melancholy type

  1. Usually, see the problem from the negative side
  2. Easy to feel guilty
  3. Sometimes moody and depressed in changing and vengeful situations
  4. Sometimes spend time planning and queuing
  5. Difficult to be pleased because it has a very high standard
  6. Tends to be picky in socializing
  7. Have a great suspicious feeling
  8. Very difficult to phrase feelings

Personality Types

  • Pragmatic/love Peace

Pragmatic type is known as a person who loves peace. People with pragmatic personality types are much quieter, tend to be silent, calm, easy to set up, tend to disfavor and dislike conflicts. The pragmatic type tends to like a peaceful life, but when faced with a problem, they struggle to make decisions sometimes often procrastinate.

  • Advantages of pragmatic personality types

  1. Look patient and relax
  2. Good and quiet listeners
  3. Wise and not much talk
  4. Good-hearted and very sympathetic
  5. Being a good mediator on an issue
  6. Don't like to offend others
  7. Very fun and easy to get along
  8. Can work under pressure
  9. Glad to watch and care deeply about others
  10. Make Peace Easy 

  • Lack of pragmatic personality types

  1. To change the environment less enthusiastic
  2. Tends to avoid conflicts
  3. Hiding emotions
  4. Easy to worry
  5. Less purpose-oriented
  6. Stubborn and hard to compromise
  7. Not happy to be urged and often delay
  8. Shy and quiet
  9. More likely to be audience than players
  10. Impressed not firmly and 
  11. Impressed not to have dreams

This is the explanation of a person's personality types. By understanding this concept, it is hoped to create social harmony wherever the buddy resides and in any position.

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