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5 Benefits Of Breadfruit For Treatment You Need To Know

Breadfruit is one of the leaves of a tree that is commonly cooked as a vegetable or commonly fried. But apparently, not only the fruit is good as the food, but breadfruit is also very beneficial for the treatment. 

Benefits Of Breadfruit For Treatment

Here are the benefits of breadfruit for the treatment you should know.

  • Leaf breadfruit to treat uric acid

Do not choose fresh, smooth and clean leaves with a cloth if the surface is dirty. Then wash the leaves cut into pieces and then dried by drying or ventilation. How to prepare 15 grams of dried leaves, a handful of muscular Greges leaves, honey or sugar to taste stones and 1 cup of boiling water.

How to process: Pour the boiling leaves together with the Greges muscle sheet and the water then filtered. After cold, add natural honey or rock sugar as a sweetener of ingredients. Drinking herbal medicine is regular breadfruit leaves twice a day for ten days.

  • Leaf breadfruit to heal kidney disease

Drink boiled leaves regularly accompanied by prayers to the Almighty God to be a herbal remedy for the treatment of kidney disease. The key is the discipline in the paper feeding the herbal ingredients every day. Choose the best fresh leaves, not perforated, clean dirt.

  • Leaf breadfruit to treat heart disease

If you want your body fit and able to work optimally, and maintain your cardiovascular health from now on. However, if you suffer from heart disease, try herbs made from the treatment of baking. Selection of paper that has become old and still stick to the tree. Clean water flows and uses the sun for the cultivation of dried breadfruit. 
Face leaf: Boil together five cups of boiling water until half of the water. Add water until the size of five cups. Boiling water continues to benefit the heart of the drug and only one day so that spending cannot be saved that day in other words for tomorrow.

  • Breadfruit leaves to treat diabetes

It offers three dark green leaves, in an attempt to stick to tree branches. Clean water runs, cuts and then dries in the sunlight until it dries. Containers and contents of the preparation of litres of clean water. Keep the containers made of porcelain clay, but if one can not use a stainless steel pan. Dried breadfruit leaves in pre-prepared containers please be boiled. Wait until the water is half. Next, add a litre of clean water and simmer again to half. Cold, drink regularly every day to treat patients with diabetes as well as lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

  • Leaf breadfruit to treat liver disease

How to process: take old leaves and then rinse well. Then, boil with water until the maroon. Wait until the leaves are cold, the breadfruit is boiled twice a day in the morning and afternoon one Cup at a time. How to prepare albraidvru paper for traditional medicines for the effectiveness and benefits contained in the leaves of this herb can be absorbed by the body, and avoid the side effects of poisoning that is harmful to health, after the Correct to handle the initial baking of the material selection process, the drying process is boiling.
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