Benefits of Zam-Zam Water For the Body

Benefits of Zam-Zam Water

Zam-Zam water is water whose source is only in Saudi Arabia precisely in the holy city of Mecca. Zam-Zam water has many benefits for the body so that people who go to Mecca will not miss the opportunity to taste the Zam-Zam water even their novels return to the state of Asalany.

Benefits of Zam-Zam Water

The benefits of drinking Zam-Zam water in the health sector are as follows:

  • Revive dead skin cells

In the field of the beauty of Zam-Zam water can help the regeneration of dead skin cells and then replaced with new skin cells. The turn of dead skin cells aims to brighten the skin and make the skin supple like a baby. Regeneration by using Zam-Zam water by cleaning the face with Zam-Zam water. If possible you can do Wudoo ' using Zam-Zam air. Thus removing the layer of dead skin cells on the part of the body affected Zam-Zam water can be eliminated. Dead skin cells naturally will generate success with a span of 28 days in its bikinis.

  • Smooth body metabolism

The body's metabolism plays a role to convert fat into energy in conducting daily activities and combustion processes called metabolism. Metabolism smoothly accelerates the movement and prevents the onset of fat deposits in parts of the body especially the arms, thighs, and abdomen. The accumulation of fat in that part can be caused by slow body metabolism. Drinking Zam-Zam water is one of launching metabolism in the body. In addition, exercising and physical activity can also improve metabolism.

  • Treating a wide range of diseases

There are Saheeh encyclopedias that say that Zam-Zam water is very qualified to treat various diseases. The disease is a symptom of abnormalities in the body and can cause discomfort and ongoing illness. After illness perhaps we have just realized that health is more expensive than anything else in this world. So be thankful if you are still healthy and maintain your health since young to stay healthy that is elderly. Zam-Zam water treatment can be so if you want to try it, most importantly it is not easy to give up and continue to pray that the Almighty is immediately given health so that you can do activities as Nyanyi is.

  • Drinking Zam-Zam water with good intentions

Zam-Zam water has a function as a gift to the intention that is communicated through prayer to Allah SWT. If you drink Zam-Zam water and intend to drink it then the stomach will Teresa satiety, Insha Allah your stomach will be full after drinking it. It is also the intention of drinking this holy water to relieve a very strong thirst. So your intention can be realized by drinking Zam Zam air as long as good intentions.

  • Additional Energy expectant mothers

During pregnancy, maternal conditions sometimes have fatigue and are sometimes very excited. So the right way to cause fatigue in pregnant women for additional energy is to drink Zam-Zam water. This is because Zam-Zam water is believed to be additional energy for expectant mothers so that mothers are eager to do daily activities. In addition, pregnant women need to be doubled energy because it is also needed by babies in the urinary Bundo. That's why pregnant women also pay attention to food and milk consumed.

  • Smooth blood circulation

The benefits of drinking Zam-Zam water is to help facilitate the circulation of blood in the body. Blood circulation can be interrupted due to the fat deposits in the blood vessels due to unhealthy habits. One of them is the hobby of consuming foods that contain high fat. The blockage of blood vessels can be fatal to the body because it can cause death. One way other than drinking Zam/Zam water is exercise and stop consuming high fatty foods. It is better to consume fruit and vegetable.

  • Nourishes the fetus

The fetus in the pregnant mother needs enough nutrients to grow in the stomach of her mother. The fetus requires folic acid, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates derived from the food that the mother consumed. That's why during pregnancy every mother should eat a lot of nutritious food. Zam-Zam water that is drunk when pregnant is very good for the fetus. This is because the drinking Zam-Zam water is able to feed the fetus in the mother's stomach so that the fetus's nutritional intake is filled with additional nutrients from Zamzam water.

  • Giving a feeling of happiness

Happiness can also arise from drinking Zam-Zam water. Because this holy water also serves to cleanse the heart so that man can escape the jealousy and jealousy that is sure to exist in every human heart.

  • Zam-Zam water good for bones and teeth

Bones and teeth are one of the limbs that require calcium to retain its durability. Zam-Zam water contains calcium needed by bones and teeth to prevent premature bones and whiteness. Besides Zam-Zam water to meet the needs of calcium, you can try to drink high calcium milk.

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