Causes Of Dental Pain That Someone Often Experienced

There are many factors that can cause you to feel a toothache. Whether it is natural or because of other reasons for your dental hygiene. 

Tooth pain Causes 

The following describes the cause of dental pain that a person often experienced.

  • Damaged tooth

Tooth decay is the problem most often suffered by those who often complain of toothache. This happens because there is a hole that penetrates the tooth's email to the inner layer of the tooth. The presence of the cavity results in increased sensitivity to the tooth. Then the teeth become very easily sick.

The presence of perforated teeth is capable of triggering infections. Even to shut down the pulp network. 
You will become quiet because this pain will also be more painful when you try to talk. Your head also feels dizzy. So you feel lazy to do activity or activities.

Inflammation of the gums

The occurrence of inflammation of the gums is usually caused by infection. The effect of this infection is to cause the gums to become red, then swell and even at a more severe level will bleed. The problem is that it is not only inflammation of the gums but it can be a tooth bone that causes swelling in the tooth brushing tissues.
  • Trauma Experience
Broken teeth can be caused by a trauma experienced in the tooth that can lead to a toothache. You will feel very in pain if you get to the nerves of the tooth (PULPA).
  • Growing Molar 3
One of the causes the person most often feels pain is when the last tooth growth. Molar tooth growth 3 makes pain because there is no place for the tooth to exit no while the tooth is forced to exit. So that the teeth grow forced by pressing the teeth automatically beside the teeth will feel pain.
Because the growth is just too long, the wisdom tooth is also the most tip. Hard to reach to clean. This becomes the trigger of a growing bacterial breed that can increase the risk of gums and teeth.
  • Bruxism condition
This condition occurs when your teeth are shifted or you slide your teeth back and forth, and you usually do so unconsciously. This can be the trigger of a toothache because the tooth gets excessive pressure. Not only the teeth can be affected but also joints and muscles.
  • Irregular Dental Makeup
Your teeth can also be painful due to irregular teeth. This is because when you use your teeth to chew, there is an unbalanced pressure. So that there is easy inflammation in the teeth.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia disease
Trigeminal neuralgia disease is commonly known as suicidal disease. This is because the disease is sourced from the brain connecting the nerves in three places. Namely in the upper jaw, lower jaw, and eyes. Even those with healthy dental conditions want to remove teeth that he thinks is a source of toothache.
  • Use of Braces
A person usually uses braces in order to flatten their teeth. But when you use braces can cause pain because at first, your teeth are not yet flat, so when done the alignment (orthodontic) occurs adjustments that cause pain.
Moreover, using braces is able to trigger the growth of bacteria H. Because the lower condition of braces or metal parts are very difficult to reach to be cleaned. As a result, grow corals that can damage your teeth.
  • Rarely cleans teeth
Bad habits often experienced by someone is lazy to clean his teeth. This is a trigger for a toothache. Bacteria that accumulate on leftover food are not cleaned.
  • Sweet Food
Consuming sweet foods can also cause the possibility of someone to ache for a tooth. The sweet condition further triggers the bacteria to come and stay settled and lodged on the tooth. So if you do not immediately clean it, the bacteria are more and more. Even be able to damage your teeth.
  • Sinusitis disease
Sinusitis is a disease caused by the occurrence of inflammation of the nasal cavity. One of the symptoms is with a toothache.
  • Perforated teeth
Perforated teeth are also the most frequent cause of tooth pain.  Teeth that have holes tend to contain germs and bacteria that can damage and cause toothache. The cause of this perforated tooth is usually sweet food consumption habit. The dangers of soda drinks can also cause perforated teeth.

These are some of the causes that can cause your teeth to hurt. Take precautions early and if you have already done teeth immediately.

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