10 Causes Of Slow Computer And How To Solve It

Causes Of Slow Computer

Slow Computer Causes

Basically to cope with the computer slowing down significantly is to do routine maintenance and the implementation of a few simple steps continue to rise in value. If necessary steps to reinstall Windows or upgrade the hardware that can be the right solution is still an optimal performance of your computer components. The following describes some of the causes of slow computers and solutions.

  • Slow computer due to memory shortage

Slow computer problems due to lack of installed RAM is generally known by all computer users.

So try to check the installed memory capacity, Intel Pentium 4 Computer class with Windows XP, operating system and standard upgrade applications must be at least 2 GB of memory. For those who want to buy a new computer or laptop, I recommend using industry-standard Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM operating system at least Windows 7 64-bit.

  • The computer is slow because many programs are installed

Many personal computers it has many applications that are not used completely. In such a case it is quite easy you just need to remove the program.

To find out what programs have been installed on the computer is by clicking on ADD/Remove Programs in Control Panel and uninstall programs that just as  "accessory " is installed.

  • Computer slow due to many programs and services

It is related to points No 2 many programs installed, more programs and services that will work when Windows startup.

To disable the program and the startup service runs automatically, go to  "System Configuration Utility " According to type: MSConfig in the Run menu, and then on the Service tab and uncheck the operation is done for unnecessary applications to start.

To find out what applications are running, we can use the handy Explorer tool. With this tool, we can see and disable (kill) applications that are not needed or suspected viruses.

  • Slow computer due to swollen temporary files

It causes slow computers that have swollen to four temporary files (temporary). This temporary file location is as follows:

  1. Windows XP: C:  Documents and Settings   Local temperature settings 
  2. Windows 7: C:  Users   AppData  Local  Temperature

To clean, delete the one that includes the file in both locations or run Disk Cleanup to start, type:  "cleanmgr " and then select the drive you want to clean up. You can also try JetClean Program to speed up your computer by cleaning files and registration is not required.

  • The computer is slow due to many programs that serve as  "Security Program "

Security programs such as anti-virus software and firewalls must be present on the computer but do not be too much for example by installing the 2-3 anti-virus software at a time.

Windows security issues, the important thing is to do the update, activate the Windows firewall and the use of antivirus computers can be a burden for your computer.

  • Computer slow due to problems on the hard disk

The Hard drive is the second element after RAM that can cause the computer to slow. Slow computer problems caused by hard drives, such as:

  1. Low Disk Space
  2. Fragmented Hard Drive
  3. Long hard drives, thereby reducing the rpm
  4. Steel/bad sector disk error

How to handle slow computer due to problems on the hard drive above:

  1. Upgrade your hard drive ability level to add or replace hard disks
  2. Disk Defragmenter regularly
  3. Avoid hard drives of dust, shock and high temperature.
  4. Fix damage to drive tool and difficult check disk.

If you have more budget, I would recommend replacing the hard drive plugged in with an SSD (solid-state drive).

  • Computer slow due to viruses, malware or spyware software on your computer

If your computer is exposed to viruses or malware, then you should run Safe Mode Windows, turn off the System Restore utility and use a program such as the Norman Malware Cleaner Virus Cleaner to clean the virus or malware is to do all Update to the operating system.

  • Computer system files are slow due to damage to files or even missing

Usually occurs after the computer is infected with viruses and files will be damaged and lost. The easiest solution is to improve the user operating system.

  • Computer slow because of Hardwar temperature problem is too high

High-temperature device Whether it occurs on a hard drive, VGA card, processor, or CPU can generally cause your computer lowers Inerja end on the computer hangs, runs slowly or even repeatedly. To ensure that the air circulation in the CPU is working well and fans (fan) must be clean from dust and can spin smoothly.

  • Network

Things can slow the performance of the computer is connection problems to the network. This occurs because of network traffic centers, or switches that hang or viruses that try to gain access to the computer system that we have. To fix this, try to reinstall the RJ45 connector on the LAN card or Rose LAN, switch and restart/center and use the software port scanner to see what data package and from your computer.

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