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The Complete Guide To Signing Up Propellerads As The Best Adsense Alternative Today you feel very hard to be accepted by AdSense and net media which is the current advertising network, then I recommend not to be discouraged, let alone despair in living a side-life as a publisher. 

There are a lot of advertising networks that you can utilize as a substitute for AdSense and net media. In my writing this time, I recommend two advertising networks that are very tempting in earning dollars as publishers. Both of the advertising networks I recommend are Reveuneuhits and Propellerads.

Both of these advertising networks proved to be gratifying to me as a publisher after I felt very disappointed until this second had not received a reply from AdSense whether I was accepted or not as a publisher. You can see the propeller ads and reveuneuhits ads that I put on my other blog on the paper set.

The Complete Guide To Signing Up Propellerads

Alright buddy of the same blogger as a struggle, I just explained the guide to sign in up for the advertising network propeller ads which are my first recommendation as to the best AdSense alternative advertising network currently especially for blogs Indonesian language.
Here's a complete guide to signing up for Propellerads:

  • Go to
  • Once you log in to the homepage of propeller ads, you must enter your E-Mail name and the URL of the website you want to be Moneteisasi next select as the Publisher and then you click on Star Now. For more details, you can see the image below.

The Complete Guide To Signing Up Propellerads

  • After that, you just wait for the verification of propeller ads and then you are told to click the link address. As below screenshot shown.
Propellerads As The Best Adsense Alternative

  • You will receive a username and password sent by the Propellerads management for you to be logged in on their website. As in the image below.

  • You must then verify your domain's rights by adding the Add new Site menu. As in the image below.
Adsense Alternative

  • You should then install the Propellerads Meta code on your blog exactly before the </head> code. See the image below.

  • Now it's time to create your ad code by clicking on Add new Chanel then give it a name on your new channel. Just a special will for banner ads is currently unavailable. I recommend using a Popunder Antiblock advertisement considering that the pay is more expensive than banner ads and others. You can also create ads for mobile dialogue. It is very effective to scoop up dollars from propeller ads. See the following image.
Propellerads As The Best Adsense Alternative Today

  • The last step you have to do is put the Propellerads ad code on your blog widget. See the following image to create the ad code. See the following image.

Here, you've successfully become a publisher of Propellerads and it's time for you to enjoy the dollar of propeller ads.

So the review related to the complete guide sign up for Propellerads as the best Adsense alternative today. Hopefully, provide benefits for my mate blogger anywhere. Greetings success!!
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