Creating a Catfish Pond and How it is Made

Raising fish is the best option for most people to start opening a business venture. Nowadays, there are some people who are bonding to start this business. Besides not being so difficult, it also does not require certain skills or abilities. Armed with a little knowledge that is learning via the Internet how to feed the catfish that produces fast and easy, one can confidently undergo the business. Do you also feel so?
Catfish Pond

Not only catfish, other fish animals such as patin, Cork, Indigo, Nirvana, Gold, Bijinangka, kite, etc. also have different care ways in accordance with the type of fish, water, feed, and others. To learn it is also easy because now the information can quickly use the online system on the web, social media and the site provider tips of effective fish raising. Especially the land preparation for Sangkulirang catfish cultivation in the tarp pond. 

Pond tarp is catfish cultivation that has a lot of advantages among other forms of ponds such as a box pool, ground pool, and concrete pond. For beginners, It is not familiar with this term, but as the first step as a catfish entrepreneur, you have to start in a way simple way. Pond Tarp is the most good method of raising catfish to try to start the business. Especially for people who just want to try this business. Because of the many advantages that can be got, many catfish farmers who have managed to recommend it for you as well.

In addition to being seen from his business prospects who are so promising, catfish are not only popular in Cultivdidaya but culinary entrepreneurs start to use catfish as a food menu in his business. So, of course, the catfish have a great chance of success because it has become a favorite food in society. Interested in immediately try it? For that, in the discussion this time will help you learn and practice raising catfish Sangkulirang from the beginning to succeed. You'll also get some practical tips and advice to further equip your knowledge. More please see the description below.

Make a pond chops catfish

The most important step in starting this business is to make the media for the catfish that is a tarp pond. Before that, make sure you've searched for a location or page that's suitable for your business. Also, make sure the location is strategic for you like in the back or side of the house. The size of the pond itself depends on your needs that are adapted to the area of land that is available as well as the amount of catfish seedlings that plan will be enabled. For example, a carp pond with bamboo frameworks made above the ground is one of the most commonly used types of tarp ponds. Usually, for the size of the tarp, This method is 4x5x1 meter, 6x4x1 meter, 4x8x1 meter or even 2x3x1 Meter.

For more specific ways of working are as follows:
Preparing the pond of the tarp, you need to clean the area of potential cultivation of a tarp pond of objects that can interfere as well as grass, pests, and garbage. Once it is clean, flatten the ground so there are no ground bumps or holes.
Prepare a bamboo pole that has been adjusted to the size of the previous tarp, in order to synchronize between the tarp and bamboo. After that, plug the bamboo poles in every corner of the pond based on the pattern of the pond you want. For example, if a pond is built in more than one tile, then set the layout and its distance to look neat.

Next, to unite the skeleton with bamboo poles, you can use nails, rope or wire. If the skeleton is already formed, to add the keratitis don't forget to adjust the angle of the sheen. It is also useful when drying the pond and harvesting process later.

If the pond skeleton is confirmed to be completed, do not forget to install a plastic tarp according to its size.

The final stage, you need to clean the tarp pond by washing the inside of the tarp with soap. Then rinse clean and dry for one day. Afterward, fill the pond with a volume of water between 70-80 cm. Then let stand for about one week, it aims for the formation of moss and the growth of plankton Fito.

Catfish Seed Distribution Process

Sangkulirang fish seeds alone are not difficult to find. You can get it by buying the catfish hatchery in accordance with the wide media of the tarp pond that you have created before. In this case, all you need to note is the seeds purchased catfish make sure it is through the selection stage or sorting from the seeds that are abnormal, disabled or even dead. For the physical characteristics of a healthy catfish that you can see is from its movements are so agile, free from seedlings, there is no defect or wound in his body, free from various seeds of disease and have a normal swimming movement.

This seed expansion process starts from inserting the catfish seeds in a bucket into a pond. After that wait until 10 -15 minutes later for the temperature adjustment of the seed place. Next, let the seed of the catfish come out on its own, so it has a purpose that the seeds do not stress before entering the enlargement environment in the pond Tarp. The seed-thinning of the Sangkulirang catfish is assuming a density of 200-400 square perm. While the best time to spread the seed is morning or evening due to its relatively stable water properties.

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