What Is Love: Definition Of Love And Meaning

The kind of love that is often emphasized in modern culture through novels and romantic films is just one kind of love in a tapestry of the relationship between someone. However, please be aware that love is essentially not necessarily related to the loving relationship between a man to a woman. Love is essentially a sense of tranquility in the heart created because the Salang understands between one with the other. 

Types of love in Ancient Greek terms

The ancient Greeks had many different words to describe love. They know love can be found not only with sexual partners, but also in friendships, among foreigners, and by themselves.
Definition Of Love

  • Eros

The first kind of love they talked about was Eros. Eros represents the idea of sexual desire and desire. This form of love is also considered dangerous because of its fiery and irrational nature. Not balanced, Ero can even lead to mania or obsessive love.

  • Philia

Friendship, or Philia, is appreciated far above Eros because it is regarded as the love between them equal. Free from the intensity of sexual attraction, it often involves faithfulness among friends, a willingness to sacrifice for them, as well as sharing your emotions with them. Other types of files, sometimes called Storge, are mainly related to kinship and familiarity, manifesting-love between parents and their children.

  • Ludus

Ludus refers to the delightful love, the kind of affection you find among children or young lovers. We also experience Ludus when we joke and laugh with friends, or when we go dancing. 

  • Pragma

Another Greek love is the eternal love known as Pragma. Pragma is a love that has matured and evolved over time. This old love has been preserved by making a compromise to help the relationship work, and by demonstrating patience and tolerance.

  • Agape

Agape is an identity for selfless love being regarded as the highest and most radical form of love. This love extends to everyone, family, and strangers. It is pure and unconditional, free of hope. 

  • Philautia

Philautia is a kind of self-love that increases your ability to love others. The idea is that if you love yourself and feel safe in yourself, you will have a lot of love to give to others.

Expressing Love Feeling

It is worthwhile to investigate how your loved ones truly feel loved and express love. When we love someone, we care about what is important to him. The language of love also tends to be the way we express love. It's equally important to learn how our loved ones give love.

They may express their love to you in a way that you do not fully identify because you are only looking for love in the form you are giving. It's also important to know how you don't express love and understand it as a blind spot.

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