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Definition Of Regional Autonomy In General And According To Experts

Definition Of Regional Autonomy

Definition of regional autonomy in general

The definition of regional autonomy, in general, is the right or authority and the obligation of an autonomous region or part to govern the government or the interests of its own community by law. 

Etymologically or specifically, regional autonomy is a combination of two words of autonomy and area.  Autonomy itself is the Greek word of autos and Names. 

Autos contain its own meaning whereas Namos has the meaning of rules. From these two words can be withdrawn the notion of regional autonomy is an authority to regulate the territory of the Government in an area. 

Understanding regional autonomy according to experts

The sense of regional autonomy other than those mentioned above both generally and etymologically, we can also see the sense of regional autonomy based on some experts. Here are some definitions of regional autonomy.

  1. Definition of regional autonomy according to Vincent Lemus. Vincent Lemieux explains the sense of regional autonomy as an authority in creating policies based on laws that apply to an area.
  2. Definition of regional autonomy according to Syarif Saleh. Syarif Saleh explained the sense of regional autonomy as a right gained from the central government for an area government in implementing its own government.
  3. Definition of autonomy according to the Syarifudin Ateng. Ateng Syarifudin explains the sense of regional autonomy as limited freedom and is not equal to the realized independence on the granting of authorities that require accountability.
  4. Definition of regional autonomy according to Benjamin Hosein. Benjamin Hosein gave an explanation of the sense of regional autonomy as a government-run by the people than for the people who and the central government outside his authority.
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