Types Of Digital Marketing To Boost Your Business

Infodasar.com-Nowadays the business world is growing rapidly. This makes the owners of companies, organizations or even individuals compete misally to market their brands or products in a variety of ways.
As the business world develops, it turns out that developing marketing techniques is also more modern and creative. One of them is through digital platforms, such as the use of Internet media and social media.

Almost all products and services can be promoted through digital marketing techniques. For example, when we search on Google and look for health-themed articles, we can be directed to a Web health care provider.
The same applies to all products and services, such as food, beverages, SMEs, startups, and more.
So what exactly is this Digital Marketing technique and how is its marketing strategy? Here's an explanation.

Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy of a product that is done by individuals, companies or organizations through digital media. As we know that nowadays the Internet and social media are no longer foreign to some people, even almost everyone uses this facility.
It is then used by owners of companies or individuals to promote their products. Due to its wider range, this method is often regarded as the most effective and fast way to attract potential customers to increase the number of sales of a particular product.

Types of Digital Marketing 

The digital marketing world has many different types and characteristics. To make it easier to understand the following details
Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we know that the main purpose of SEO is to optimize the site or website in the top position, or at least taste the first page of the search engine by using a particular keyword.
There are two types of SEO techniques, namely SEO On-Page and Off-Page SEO. The difference between the two lies in the strategy taken to optimize the website.
SEO on-page is an optimization effort using a strategy that is done on a page owned that is useful to influence search engine rankings. There are actually many important points to note in this SEO on Page.
One example is the use of appropriate keywords to create an effective headline. In addition, in terms of content, it is also important, because we are required to create content that is not boring to read, with the addition of a nice and unique image so that the content looks more interesting.
Unlike SEO On-Page, Off-Page SEO is a technique used to optimize websites or blogs from the outside. What you can do for example by sharing social media links like Facebook, Twitter and more.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM itself is a technique of Digital Marketing where the focus of marketing is on the Search engine page, this method is done by optimizing the content of a website so it is easy to find in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.
There are many types of search engine marketing, some of which are Crawler-based search engines, directories, hybrid search engines, and pay-per-click. Each has different characteristics.
The crawler-based search engine is a search engine service that uses an automated software program to separate and group Web pages. For example, as we know so far, Google.
Then directory, a service involving humans as a power editor. The Editor will manually check the web-based on the information obtained.
Some directories offer paid services so that websites can be indexed quickly. But there is also a free note that the indexing process takes longer than the paid directory.
Then regarding the Hybrid Search Engine can be explained briefly as a service that combines the Crawler-based techniques with directories.
Lastly, pay-per-click Services are a marketing method in the form of ads provided by Google AdWords specifically for businesses that already have a website. Simple images like this, advertisers pay a certain amount of publishers if their ads are clicked by visitors. This method is done through a specific keyword bidding system so that the paid ads you create can appear at the top of the Google search page.
The advantage of advertising with this method is surprisingly tempting because the ads you create are not only displayed on Google's search engine but also on some websites that give access to Google to place ads.
Unlike other advertising methods, in this pay-per-click method, you can set your own monthly or daily budget, so you don't have an excess budget. The higher your budget, the more often your ads appear.

  • Content Marketing

Nowadays, there are many Digital Marketing practitioners who realize how great the benefits of using content marketing to support their marketing strategy. Content marketing can be said as a media that can directly convey the characteristics of a product to consumers through content media.
Content marketing is defined as a content marketing strategy that focuses on planning or creating and distributing boxes to attract the attention of readers who are likely to become consumers.
Most content marketing is usually packed in textual concepts that lead to the method of hard selling and soft selling by explaining the advantages of a product. Therefore, creating compelling content that contains detailed product reviews is indispensable in this strategy.
People who enjoy the content you present both online and on social media will automatically connect closer to the products you offer. With the addition of a link associated with the product described people will be connected to the product's website page in question.
Thereby increasing the likelihood that a website will be visited by potential visitors as consumers of your product.

  • Email Marketing

Reported from Wikipedia, the definition of email marketing is the act or activity of commercial messaging such as promo, product offerings, discounts, etc. To a group of potential customers who use email media.
In the world of digital marketing utilizing email lists for media marketing can be a not less effective way with two types of digital marketing above. This is because emails sent directly to the lead Inbox can be read directly by the email owner.
Also with email marketing can be an opportunity to always connect privately with potential customers continuously. There are several types of email marketing such as direct email and email retention.
Direct email is a new message sent to an email that contains a promotional message, in the form of a text message or link linked to a website or social media from a product. While email retention itself applies to customers who have been connected for a long time, to stay in good relationships, and as a media offering if there is a new offer.
Broadly, the use of email marketing techniques is very useful, besides saving costs but also saving time. We can efficiently reach customers in a short time directly to their email.

  • Social Media Marketing

From its name, it can be guessed that this type of marketing is a type of marketing that relies on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others as promotional media. Great public interest in using social media is an opportunity for product owners to utilize this facility.
The power of social media as a promotional means can no doubt. Reaching customers through social media allows you to communicate with customers through unique features provided by certain social media, such as replying to messages in comments and other fields.
It's almost the same as word-of-mouth promotion, which distinguishes if you use social media you can add some other features such as images or video so your content is more interesting.

  • Mobile ads

Nowadays the phone is a tool that can not be separated into human life. Therefore began to appear ads using mobile phones as media.
Some examples of using mobile ads on mobile can be ads that are only delivered through SMS and MMS features. Then there are also advertisements through Internet media, when we open the Internet through the phone we often find some classified ads that connect us to web advertisers.
Mobile advertising choices in the advertising process can help reach people more specifically. On the other hand, this method is an efficient and effective method as it can save advertising costs to get maximum results.

  • Marketing Overview

This marketing technique uses the form of an ad visually, which is packaged in ads in the form of logos, photos, images, and videos. The banner of the ad you see often on your website is one example of a display ad.
Offline ad display Media is usually packed in the form of billboards and banners that are often mounted on the roadside. If you want to advertise online, you can contact the owner of the website that is relevant to the product you are marketing.
For example, if you want to sell food or beverage products, you should contact a website that contains food or beverage-related content. If you don't have enough time for it, you can use advertising services like the Google Display network.

  • Affiliate Marketing

The last type of Digital Marketing in this simple language is often referred to as a broker or intermediary business. This technique relies on sales with a commission system.
In this system, the services of others are necessary to sell the products that we have, with the agreement that we will pay or give commissions if the person is successfully selling the product that we have. Some major markets such as open stalls and Lazada also use this affiliate marketing system to increase their sales. For you business people, who experience obstacles in the marketing and promotion process. Using digital marketing methods as a means of promotion is obligatory.
This is because of the many benefits that can be gained from this marketing technique. For example, as often mentioned above, all types of digital marketing have a very effective function to save time and cost of promotion.
In addition to the habits of modern society that often find out about the ins and outs of products before buying them can also be used to build brand awareness through the SEO content that is connected to your business website.
Coupled with direct interaction with consumers through social media that is an added value to building public trust in the company or individual business you manage.
The possibility for a community to open a link is more likely to increase the customer so that the SPA service will benefit from the excess economy.
In general, a comprehensive review of the world of digital marketing that you need to know. Please also note that techniques in digital marketing can be used by anyone. Both those who already have a business and a new one will start.
With descriptions of the types of digital marketing above, it is hoped that the perpetrators and prospective businesses can get an idea of which type of Digital Marketing can be used and suitable for implementation in the business. So the business can evolve optimally.

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