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The Healthy Living Pattern Of The Prophet Muhammad to Sample

Healthy Living Pattern Prophet Muhammad
Healthy Living Pattern Prophet Muhammad-One of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad is a healthy lifestyle. The Prophet Muhammad only hurt twice in his life, which is when he was poisoned by a Jewish woman and at the end of his life. 

The Healthy Living Pattern of Prophet Muhammad

Some people spend money on medication, diet, buy expensive food supplements and others are all designed to get a healthy body. Not a few parents spent his retirement to go to the hospital. Actually maintaining that health is not a difficult thing. As a Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad is a role model that must be exempviously including the life of the Prophet Muhammad itself. 
Some healthy living patterns of the prophet Muhammad should be applied to maintain our health as follows:
  • Eat halal food and good
The Prophet Muhammad only ate good halal food, such as fresh sea fish and fruits (figs, olives, palms, grapes, and pomegranates), honey, meat, dairy products and grains (wheat).
The Prophet said: Eat the olive oil and the oil. In fact, it comes from a blessed tree.  "(HR Mahmoud ibn Gillan, Abu Ahmed al-Zubayr, also narrated by Abu Nu'aim, received from Sufyan, from ' Abdullah ibn Isa, of a man who was a skilled Sham named ATHA '", the source of sour father, perhaps) in the early morning, I saw the Prophet Muhammad was Breakfast with a glass of water mixed with honey spoon. Besides being able to maintain the immune system, honey can also be a cure for various diseases. From health sciences, Honey can cleanse the stomach, cure constipation, hemorrhoids, inflammations and activate the intestines. Like a healthy living prophet-dates eat healthily. Seeing the Prophet Muhammad is the most preferred sweet drink.  "(Reported by Ibn Umar Abi ', of Sufyan, of Muammar, of Zuhairi, Mn Loop ', of Aisha, source of the Law of the Republic). To enter the time of Dhuha, the prophet Muhammad consumed seven points from the atmosphere of coconut "(ripe). In addition to healthy fruits and coconuts can also neutralize toxins. The messenger of Allah said:  "Those who eat seven dates, will be protected from poison " It is obvious that when a Jewish woman tried to kill peace, the prophet was poisoned by food in Khyber.
Poison could be a neutralized ingredient, but as a friend and a Bisyir Al-Bara died or a degree of toxic efficiency. At night, the prophet usually eats vegetables. The vegetable can increase endurance and contain physical health. Vegetables contain fibers that can aid digestion. After dinner, the prophet did some early activities. This helps to simplify food when digested by the stomach. The activities undertaken by the Prophet are usually in the form of prayer.
  • Eat to taste
Do not consume excessive food, courier choose to eat before they are hungry and stop completely before.
  • Commitment to God's commandment
Point No. 3 has always been closely related to point No. 1. The Prophet Muhammad offered prayers before eating and avoiding bad food. Bad food does not mean it comes from illegal species such as pigs and dogs. Bad food can come from a variety of halal foods, such as slaughtered cows that do not mention the name of Allah, the corpse slain to God (offerings to the Genie).
  • Sleep fast and wake up quickly
Followers of the Prophet Muhammad are not advised to follow. Because of this, he did not like to eat and speak after dinner time. When it was time to sleep, the prophet Muhammad would sleep immediately. Good sleep is after dinner, almost 21:30, then you have to wake up at night around 31/3 night prayers.
With time spent sleeping less than 8 hours per day. Part-time 24 hours for 1 day and 1 night, 1/3 of the work, to worship the Lord and 1/3 1/3 back to sleep enough. Of course, the division of time is not stiff but adjusts flexibly to the needs.
  • Sports Routine
Prophet Muhammad was a man who loved sports, he did not hesitate to contact his wife Aisha, May Allah be pleased with him, and encourage children to practice archery, swimming and riding horses. It also led various types of sports known as wrestlers. This indicates that his body is not only healthy but also strong.
  • Fasting Routine
Fasting in good health condemns himself. It is advisable to eat and accelerate iftar with water and dates.
  • Be clean
The Prophet Muhammad took a very nice tooth SAW and cleared it using. The suggested time is before praying, before bedtime and when you wake up.
  • Keeping the Prayer
The messenger of Allah always establishes prayer and early prayer besides praying from the Sunnah community. Worship is an obligation to all believers, even in pain. This service can maintain health and body.
  • Consume Habbatussauda
Allah SWT also enjoys good health, he also recommends routinely consume herbal medicine, such as seeds (black beans), dates, honey.
  • Not easy to temper
The Prophet suggests, "Do not be angry, " and this suggestion is repeated 3 times. This suggests that anger carries a negative effect on health. Angry people are often shown to be sick like high blood pressure, indigestion, headache, heart disease and depressive depression.
  • Always remember Cleanliness
The Prophet Muhammad looked clean and tidy. Every Thursday or Friday, he cleans, smells and shaves his cheeks and cuts his nails.
  • Socialize with others
A Harvard public health school shows that men over 70 years old, who love to socialize with the heart. It tends to experience the pain modeled by the Prophet Muhammad, having many friends who always relate to his relatives.
  • Cupping
Prophet Muhammad taught his people to medium honey and to be different. The dirty blood contained in the body will come out so that our body will feel lighter and healthier.
These are some of the healthy living patterns taught by the Prophet Muhammad, especially for his people. Following the customs of the Prophet Muhammad will certainly give a positive impact on our lives especially on health problems.
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