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Historical Sense in General and According to Experts

Historical Sense in
The word "History" which has the meaning of the past of human life is a historical notion in English.

The historical Sense in General

While the notion of history in Arabic, history is felt Sajaratun (Syajaroh), is a tree and offspring. When we listen to the genealogy of the Kings will appear for example the picture of the tree according to the fact that it is simple and develops into a large, then the history can be interpreted lineage of kings which means the incident of royal family Reign in Past.

Historically, the historical term is termed historia, which means learning. So, history is a science that remembers all events, events that happened in the past on the life of mankind.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded bring history means the incident that occurred in the past that is formed based on the relics are not very few incidents. The relics are historically derived.

Historical Sense in the Opinion of Experts

According to Muhammad Yamin suggested that the historical sense is a science that is formed on the results of the investigation of a number of incidents that can be shown using the material reality.

According to Moh. Hatta suggests that historical meaning is in the form of giving an understanding of the past. History does not merely trigger criteria according to information according to incidents in the past into cases. The history is not limited to past events, but the past understanding in which it contains a few poly dynamics probably contains problematics for the next human being.

He argues that historical sense is the events pertaining to human life which is a social creature that happened in the past or past.

Drs. Sidi Gazalba suggests that the notion of history is a human past and the content which is scientifically formed and comprehensive includes the order of the time of the news using interpretations and explanations that give definition and understanding of what Apply. 

Moh. Ali suggests that historical sense is a holistic change, and the correct incidents have occurred. History is the science that examines the changes that really happened in the past. 

Rochmawati Wiriatmaja suggests that historical sense is a discipline that promises ethics, moral, wisdom, values of spiritual, and cultural because its study has the nature of placing clues on the balance of life, harmony in Values, transparency in success and failure, and an overview of the collective experience that as a compass make future life.

Ismaun suggests that understanding is a science of stories about incidents that have actually happened or held in all its aspects in the past. 

Thus, it can be said that history examines human life from all aspects and events that occurred in the past that are associated with current events. With history, we can explore the information related to human life of all aspects. Without human history today does not have a mirror to reflect the future of life.
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