Five Languages Of Love We Need To Understand

There are several types of love that we experience and feel at one stage in our lives, each of us has a different "language of love ". How each person speaks and understands each other in various forms. Everyone expresses and feels love differently. This language of love applies to all relationships in both family, friendship, partnerships even in the workplace. 

Five Languages Of Love We Need To Understand

Knowing what's important to others can help you better understand, empathize, and work with them. For more details Let's look at the following descriptions of the five languages of love we need to understand.
Languages Of Love

  • Award words

Psychologist William James said that one of the deepest human needs is the need to feel appreciated. Words of appreciation and verbal praise are helpful in meeting this need and are powerful love communicators. Dr. Chapman notes that award words are expressed simply and directly.

  • Quality time 

Someone whose love language is quality time, it takes time to really connect with what they like. This means that you give full attention to someone. Your device or other interference needs to be removed for a while and focus completely on each other.

  • Accepting Gifts 

For some, accepting the epitome of love that is seen in the form of prizes has a very strong influence. It is something tangible that they can hold. To give someone a gift, you should think about it. The gift itself is a symbol of that thought, and it has nothing to do with the value of money. It's also one of the easiest love languages to do.

  • The Service

This language is about actions that speak more than words. It is about doing something for your loved ones. Give them what they want then they should ask for it. This action may require thinking, planning, effort time and energy. Anything from it like: cooking food, tidying up or cleaning up your car or even shopping, maybe a wrong love action.

  • Physical Touch

A simple touch can trigger a release. We all need physical touch and compassion for our physical and emotional health. However, for people whose love language is a touch, it is the basis for them to feel loved.

Language Change Love 

Your love language can change over time. As your lifestyle and priorities change, some of your love languages can also change. Your love language may also vary in the different relationships you have. Various types of love are presented to your friends, family, and spouse. Your sister may be speaking different languages in romantic relationships than with family. Although you may need a physical touch or act of service with your spouse and family. 

Language of love can help you express your love in the best way, and also to get the love you want without others having to "read your mind." It opens communication for a more harmonious love relationship.

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