How to Manage Adsense Ads to Increase Revenue you read my Blogger, you know what I think about banner ads. That's not the best way to make money with blogs. After all, the only way you get paid is to send traffic from your blog. While you only paid a few cents to do so.
Manage Adsense Ads

Because of this, many people still use Adsense. The truth is that Adsense can be a great way to make money. It works better on some sites than others and you certainly need to dump a lot of traffic to make real money, but still, anyone can do it.

How to Manage Adsense Ads 

So, the question is how do you maximize Adsense? How do you make as much money as possible from AdSense?
Here are some tips you can see and apply on your Adsense blog:

  • The most popular ad sizes are 300 × 250, 336 × 280, and 160 × 600

Many people tend to use the 468 × 60 and 728 × 90 on their blogs, but their performance isn't that high. Also, that size only looks like a banner for your readers, so they're more likely to be blind to it.

  • Ad position

The best place to put it is always right in the eye lane of your readers. My recommendation:

  1. Top left
  2. Top content (right under the headline)
  3. The top is down to the post (but above the comments, social buttons, etc.)

  • Consider the sidebar left align 

Many blogs have a sidebar on the right, but if you're trying to increase revenue with Adsense, a flat sidebar can help you put one of the best-performing ad sizes to the top left. In other words, place the 300 × 250 at the top of the left sidebar.

  • For banners just above the post

You can place the valve on it so that you do not interfere with your repeated readers. Use a plug-in like ad injection to make such banners appear only on posts older than, say, 7 days.

  • When setting up your ad, make sure to use the custom channel

It allows you to set the English-plain name for each of your banner slots. This can help you figure out exactly which slots are giving you the greatest earnings.

  • When you set up your custom channel, make that channel targetable

What it does is to make ad slots available to advertisers for specific targeting. Advertisers who specifically target your site will typically give you more revenue.

  • Use Google's custom search engine and replace your WordPress search with it

Google not only provides a very good search engine for your blog, but you can show ads on search results. Typically, the Ecpm of these ads is much higher than a regular banner due to the nature of highly targeted advertising.

  • Monitor your Analytics specifically with Adsense 

Interesting to note are the best performance articles in terms of Adsense revenue for your site. With this kind of intelligence, you can see what topics generate the highest paid ads and then target those topics with further posts in the future.

  • Do some testing to see the right number of ads for your blog

Although Adsense TOS allows 3 banner slots per page (excluding link units), it does not mean you want to stuff 3 of them on any page with the idea that it will make more money. Sometimes, having fewer banner slots means that one or two that you save generates more revenue.

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