How To Learn To Read Qur'an With Ummi Method

A Muslim must be able to read the Koran as a holy book or a source of guidelines for every Muslim person. A Muslim who can not read the Koran, ideological Islam questionable because the Koran is the source of every religious matter in the Islamic. Thus reading the Koran is one must to reveal the identity of him but certainly expect the coffers promised by Allah SWT. He who reads the Koran and the stammering him two goodness and whoever reads the Koran and he is proficient or lancer, then he will be together with the righteous in the next day.

But the reality of reading the Koran is not as easy as it is thought especially for those who are elderly. They must encourage the spirit to read the Koran. Learning to read the Koran today is actually not too difficult with many emerging methods of reading the Quran from various regions. We simply find and determine the methods that fit and match our situation and condition.

This time the admin will explain one of the methods of reading the Koran is quite popular nowadays is the method Ummi. After hearing the Ummi method as a method of reading the Koran today, then the reader will surely wonder what the Ummi method is. Well, let's go through the easy way to read the Quran by the Ummi method.

What is the Ummi method?

The Ummi method is to learn to read the Koran with a mother-tongue approach. What does the maternal language approach mean? In general, the mother language applied in Reading Quran method Ummi There are 3:

1. Immediately practised

The Ummi method performs the teaching in a straightforward way with other terms learn by doing. So in principle read the Koran with the method of Ummi most practice from the explanation so that we will quickly understand and do it.

2. Always repeated

In principle, anything that is always repeated will make it easier for us to remember and do so. Thus, in the method of the UM one advantage that can help us quickly understand is the repetition that is always done.

3. Taught with compassion

Reading the Quran with the method of Ummi based on the affection of a teacher. The touch of a teacher's heart to the student or the Santrinya will directly give a positive effect to the students in starting to learn to read the Quran Ummi method.

How to learn to read Qur'an with Ummi method

Every method of reading the Koran certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. But the admin will not explain about the shortcomings of each method read Quran. Admin will focus on the excess Read Quran method Ummi So it is easier to understand. As before the admin has discussed the steps of learning to pay the Ummi method that facilitates us in reading the Koran, this time the admin will explain about the technical implementation that I divide into 2 namely:

1. Performed in a classical

In teaching Practice Read Quran method Ummi first done by classical or group. With the instrument of the props shown by the teacher, each student focuses on the props then they simulate the way of reading the Koran read by the teacher. So that the planting of concepts in this part is very thick with the aim to avoid confusion in the Memabaca Quran. A teacher must make sure the student reads correctly in the next section.

2. Done individually 

Once done classifying, then in the application, each student will demonstrate directly the reading that was read before so that the students can read well and correctly according to the example given by the teacher.

With this level of learning, it can be said that students will understand the concept more easily and practice it. In addition, the teacher can make sure the students can read the Koran well and correctly.

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