The Importance of Implementing School Health Education

The importance of health education 

Child health is one of the most important things to understand for everyone, especially for teachers in schools and parents at home. Providing understanding to the child about the importance of healthy living must always be delivered and reminded and most importantly the example or the children of teachers and parents. A child who only receives knowledge information but is minimally simulated and what they are watching and experiencing will be difficult to shout in his daily life. Therefore, health education for children must be applied early from home as an informal environment as well as in school as a formal educational environment. The next thing to understand is health education for the child.

Health education is the process of forming knowledge and experience about the importance of healthy living through literacy and guidance in order to form a healthy living personality. Health education in addition to building a concept of understanding about health, they also directly simulate in its daily life in order to form a real-life experience. They can be faced with two different environmental conditions that are dirty environment and a clean environment. Directly they will understand the importance of healthy living.

Implementation of school health education

As it is known that there are basically three neighbourhoods of education that interrelate to one another is the family environment as an informal educational environment, the school as a formal educational environment and the community As a nonformal educational environment. This time will be focused on the formal education environment that is related to the importance of health education. 

Health education in school is very important because the school is a place to build a concept of knowledge and the planting of children's experience formally and structured based on the curriculum adopted by the national education system.

While in terms of the existence and activities of children every day is done in the school environment regardless of how they return to their respective homes which are certainly an understanding of the importance of clean life should be implanted in school Regulations and SOP that apply to the formal educational environment. The school is the main fence for the nation's generation to block the negative influences caused by the association which is sometimes detached from the value system that originated from the rapid development of information and Tegnolgi. Including the negative influence of such progress is the pattern of life that is the reckless and stupid time because it is pampered with technology.

Thus, the school should be able to filter the negative side of the globalization stream. Health education should be applied in every school with structured patterns and clear rules.

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