Symptoms of Wet Lung Disease You Need to Know

Symptoms of Wet Lung Disease 

Symptoms caused by wet lung disease are also similar to the symptoms caused by other diseases, such as acute respiratory infections (ISPA) or bronchitis. Here are the common symptoms of the wet lung that you should know:
  • Cough with phlegm
Most people may underestimate this disease because it is viewed as a normal seasonal illness and that will disappear with its own. If properly regarded as a seasonal cough as a disease that occurs when the rain comes or because it often eats fried foods.

Cough turns out to be one of the signs of pneumonia. And cough that does not heal, although giving it all kinds of drugs is one sign that you have pneumonia. The cough that will be experienced is usually dry cough and cough with phlegm.

  • Show Cold Sweat
Another sign as a symptom of flight pneumonia is the emergence of cold sweat, especially in the palm of the hands and feet. I feel this is the most common symptom by the sufferer. It was a cold sweat suffered by patients with pneumonia, not for the influence of hot weather but occurred due to a lack of oxygen in the release of the body. Therefore, the body responds by releasing one such protest race. So, if you feel a cold sweat down from the palm of your hand and palm should be promptly investigated by your doctor.
  • Headache
Pneumonia that attacks the lung area can also affect other organs and one of them is the head. And patients with pneumonia usually feel a mild headache. This is due to the lack of oxygen supply to this brain. Therefore, if you have a headache that does not mean you are a patient's head, but there could be another device problem. Always be wary of this situation.
  • Easy to get tired 
Tired of things that are common when the activity is in the body constantly, and do not go to stop, especially if the activity is heavy. See fatigue will disappear when the body breaks or sleeps, and can be done by consuming different dietary supplements. However, the signs of lung disease are not wet fatigue is usually felt but the sufferer is constantly feeling tired despite not doing anything. This is due to decreased oxygen supply throughout the body constant fatigue so that the body becomes significantly tired.
  • Decreased appetite
This reduces the symptoms of other lung inflammation sufferers and sudden weight loss. Symptoms that are usually invisible to or reach by the patient are only regarded as cycles only. But it can also be caused by infections in the lungs so that digestion and appetite can be reduced dramatically. If you are experiencing this wet lung disease and moderately severe illness. Therefore, you should do immediately check the doctor to determine the best treatment is.
  • Cough with blood
In addition to cough with phlegm and a dry cough that will be experienced by patients with pneumonia, the cough that will be experienced is also usually in the form of blood. It is not very good and suggests that the disease is quite severe swollen bubbles on the lungs are quite a severe rupture, causing bleeding inside. As is usually accompanied by pain in the throat of a cough.
  • Shortness of breath
Another symptom that is identical to their problem in the lungs is a feeling of shortness of breath. The will of breathing becomes short and becomes breathless even during rest periods. This occurs due to problems in the lungs as a primary oxygen supplier, low oxygen supply, which leads to difficulty breathing.
  • Chest Pain
Wet lung disease is known to be caused by infections in the lung bubbles caused by viruses or bacteria causing swelling in it's. In a position in the body, the lungs are the right to slide and then this will cause headaches and chest pains when holding or not.
  • Heartbeat Faster
The heart and lungs are very tightly connected devices. Take the lungs and remove oxygen from outside the body while the heart works to manage the oxygen circulating throughout the body through the blood. Therefore, if there is a lung disorder and then a second and also automatically makes Ara lose heart performance. Characterized by a heart beating faster than usual, and will be worse if the patient with pneumonia symptoms also suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Pain in the joints
In addition to the chest and head will feel pain and pain, and there are other parts of the body that come feel they are part of the joints. This will disable the shared part because the veins in that it does not work optimally. It is known that the blood vessels in the body to spread oxygen throughout the body, without the maximum functioning of the blood vessels, and indirectly affect the disruption of oxygen distribution to each body organ Need it.
  • Vomiting and nausea
Disturbed nausea and oxygen supply vomiting because in the body and then parts of the organs in abdominal pneumonia patients and also impaired and make will suffer nausea and vomiting in close enough and often.
  • Lips and nails look pale
The symptoms referring to people injured by pneumonia can be seen from the colour of lips and nails and pale blue. This happens due to a lack of oxygen in blood vessels in the lips and nails. However, this one may be an effective sign to refer to people experiencing pneumonia or not.
  • Sore throat 
Inflammation may also cause a sore throat or is usually commonly referred to as laryngeal inflammation. This causes the change in sound to be hoarse because inside there are many of the most urgent slimes.
  • Frequent shaking
It can also be patients with pneumonia the detectable by the continuous shaking of the body for no apparent reason. It will feel shaking by the patient on an ongoing basis and not going to stop.
  • Feeling jittery
GelisahPara also often suffer from anxiety and insomnia. It can be characterized by deep sleep, and if suffered by children or babies will cry continuously with the strict sting.
  • Mouth Odor
The oxygen levels below will make your mouth moist also reduced so that it makes an unpleasant odour in the mouth.
  • Has fever
Patients with pneumonia usually have fever as a form of protest from the body because of defects in the body, especially the lungs. Maybe he felt the fever is not very high activity but very disturbing from injuries. Fever can also occur periodically or on a continuous basis.
  • Often confused
One of the symptoms experienced by patients with pneumonia is the emergence of anxiety and confusion to know what needs to be done, and which sometimes makes people around him also become anxious and confused. If you see friends or relatives should be wary of facing this.

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