Types of Eye Diseases to Know

The eye is the basic organ of all living organisms. Eyes can see the world and do different types of activities. But the viewpoint, as well as other devices that may be affected by this disease and its function has been reduced. 

Types of Eye Diseases

There are different types of eyes that can attack anyone, including baby diseases, children, teenagers, and elderly people. Here are some very common types of eye diseases.

1. Macular degeneration

Makuladegeneration macular degeneration is an eye disease that hits, causing the eye can not see clearly or blurred vision. 

The Patch is a small device in the eye, which is located behind the eye and works to transfer the following image signals from the eye to the brain. This disease is most common in older people.

2. Cataract

Katarakcataract is characteristic of the eye of the disease, which causes the eye lens to become cloudy and cause low vision or blindness. This disease can interfere with various activities, the eyes do not see well and worse at night. Often develops cataracts according to time and can occur since childhood.

3. Inflammation of the optic nerve

OptikNeuritis inflammation of the optic nerve is a disease due to inflammation of the optic nerve that forms part of the neuron group that connects information from the eye to the brain. Initially, often the disease is characterized by pain in the eye and loss of temporary vision. The disease is also associated with other diseases of multiple sclerosis.

4. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes eye diseases can not be seen within a certain period of time. It can be the cause of this disease, certain eye diseases that attack the optic nerve from the eye condition. Very high pressure in the eye that can cause the disease to arise. There are two types of glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma, and angle-closure glaucoma.

5. Retinal ablation

Retinal ablation is a condition that causes an important layer of tissue in the retina of the eye to decrease so that its position down or drag causes disruption in the blood vessels in this area. This will cause the retinal eye to lack oxygen, which can lead to blindness.

6. Graves disease

Graves's disease Graves ' disease is a condition that causes an imbalance in the immune system because the body produces too much thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are hormones that can affect all the health systems in the body in a variety of ways. This disease can occur in women, and usually affects older when not less than 40 years.

7. Squing Eyes

julingStrabismus Eye is a condition that illustrates that the eye does not see well. Eyeballs can look right or left so that the storefront of the actual eye is each but cannot be done properly. This disease can happen to everyone and is included for children and adults.

8. Bintan Eyes

Externserverata Zeiss Eyes is one type of disease that affects the eye very disturbing but usually does not last long. Eye stye is usually marked Zeiss than before the onset of pain, but usually, there are around the eyelid.

9. Eyes

Punctured eyes usually occur in infants and children, it is because they are prone to infections and viruses. It is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection that causes bowel movements to be adequate and difficult to quit. Usually, lashes will remain and it is difficult to open their eyes because they throw too much.

10. Myopia

One of the most vulnerable types of eye diseases is myopia. Long-sightedness of future technological advances are inevitable and tend to attack from other children. Close to close Ripon is a type of disorder that causes the sufferer not to see very close objects. Usually people with myopia people over the age of 40 maximum years. Myopia is a type of eye that causes the sufferer to not see things that are disrupted very far. Usually, myopia can be influenced by children.

11. Inflammation of the cornea

The eye type that attacks the cornea can be caused by viruses, fungi, and bacterial disease. The characteristic of this disease is the presence of white spots on eyespots. The only solution for this disease is to do a transplant on the eye. This disease is one type of eye disease that is very harmful to the sufferer.

12. Color blindness

Color blindness occurs when the sufferer is no longer able to distinguish between different colors around it. Usually, the colors that can be seen are black, gray and white. It is usually a disease type of genetic disease.

13. Presbyopia

One man can not see the object cause near or distant objects, usually occur in older people. Presbyopia is usually processed by giving the lens a glass eye that is a plus and minus in each part.

14. Acute Iridosiklitis

It is derived from the teeth of acute iridocyclitis disease that spreads to the eye bacteria, early signs that the Iridocyclitis sharp and influenced by red-eyed but not remove impurities. And he noticed the symptoms and the sufferer will experience the vision of black spots floating spots. If you deal quickly and can be healed. But if it comes late to deal with this disease can cause vision to be myopia and even blindness.

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