Difference Between Ummi Method and Qiroati in Quran Learning

There are basically many methods of learning the Quran that can be applied to learn to read the Koran. In this article only Berpokus discussing about how to pay for methods Ummi and Method Qiroati. Immediately we see the difference between the method of Ummi and Qiroati in the learning of the Koran.
Ummi Method and Qiroati in Quran Learning

Ummi Method in Quran Learning

The Ummi method is an easy way to learn the Quran, which is to present an easy-to-understand learning methodology. Furthermore, the Ummi method has a pleasant principle that the delivery of the material is not detached from the pleasant condition. And the last is the principle of touching the heart meaning that in teaching the Koran is needed a touch of heart-based sincerity and expect Ridho Allah SWT. 

1. Learning Approach of Ummi method

In the practice of Quran learning Ummi method, there are three approaches attributed to the character Ummi itself. What are the characters of the Ummi or mother who are the learning approach of Alquran method Ummi? Here's an explanation.

  • Direct method

The direct method of learning the Quran method of Ummi means that students instantly read and elaborate and do not need much explanation. This will accelerate students ' skills to read the Koran.

  • Done repeatedly or Repetition 

Learning to read the Koran will be easier if done repeatedly. This relates to the human subconscious who tends to recall something they often feel, listen to and be seen. The Ummi method presents the approach like a mother to her students who always give advice without getting bored and repatriation. 

  • Be done with compassion 

The last approach applied in the Ummi method is the approach of affection. A mother's affection for her students will change whatever condition the student is experiencing. Similarly, a teacher in teaching the Koran needs compassion to facilitate students close to the Koran.

2. The Stages of Learning Quran Method Ummi

Every Qur'anic teacher who teaches the Koran using the method of Ummi must follow the learning of the Qur'an that has been established by the method of Ummi itself. It is not separated from the expectation that students reach the Quran learning target. This is the learning method of the Quran.

  • The opening

At the opening stage, teachers must allow students to be able to receive learning materials. At this stage, the teacher regulates the order and the ignition of the students followed by a reading of the study prayers performed jointly.

  • A preconception

Apreceptions on the Ummi method ie the teacher repeats the material that has been taught and then associates with the material to be taught that day.

  • Planting Concepts

At this stage, the subject matter that will be taught on the day is explained first through Ummi workshop. The sentence of the planting concept on the method of Ummi is done uniformly because it has been established by central Ummi by default. 

  • Concept Comprehension

In addition to the planting of concepts, at this stage students are given an understanding of the material taught at that time through the repetition of the subject

  • Exercise

At the training stage, the teacher exercises the reading of the students through repeated exercises with the technique of purely reading of a student reading while the other follows and justifies the wrong reading

  • Evaluation

At the evaluation stage, teachers are conducting assessments regarding the students ' reading skills. Teachers write student grades in student achievement books with qualitative values of letters A, B, C, and D. Value A If there is no error, the value B if the student reads one wrong, the value of C if there are 3 students reading errors and D values if the student reads Wrong more than three times.

  • The cover

The last phase of the Quran study is the Ummi method of cover. The teacher re-conditioned the order and the student's ignition to further read the closing prayers performed jointly.

Qiroati Method In Quran Learning

The method of reading Quran Qiroati was introduced by KH. Dahlan Salim Zarkasy originating from Central Java precisely Semarang. In the early 1970-an Qiroati method was disseminated and students began 
Next is KH. Dahlan scored six volumes of Qur'anic learning books for kindergarten and Quran for students aged 4 to 6 in 1986. After everything was completed compiled KH. Dahlan Wills that everyone can be taught the Qur'an Qiroati method and do not just any person teach it.

Basic Principles of Quran Learning Qiroati Method

As with other explanations that the method of Qiroati is not independent of the most specific methods of the synthesis of Tharkibiyah Tharikah, which is closely related to the phenomenon system. In his studies, the Qiroati method begins with the introduction of letters to the students, and then the word becomes a sentence so that it can smoothly read the Koran. Here explained the basic principles of the Learning Quran Qiroati method.

  • Practical and simple

This means that it is read without being spelled or described. If it is seen quantitatively, the number of words used when read directly will be less than the number of syllables used when spelled or described.
Furthermore, the sentence used should be simple, displaying the reality of text writing that will read in other words avoiding theoretical sentences. 

  • Gradual little by little

Learning the Quran Qiroati method is done casually and not hurry then proceed at the next stage. Students are allowed to add next learning materials if they are able to read smoothly based on Tajwid
Provision of Qiroati learning materials based on the ability of students, if the students can only one page per day or less than that, they can not be enforced, so it is for students who can read several pages every day, preferably teachers Provide motivation and guidance to develop their skills. 

  • Guidance and direction

A student simply repeats a few times and don't use them to read in the next exercise section, so that the student is able to read each of the material that has been taught. The method of Qiroati makes students fully understand the lesson that is not to be memorized. Students are motivated and have their own will and aspirations. 

  • Provide the stimulus

As mentioned above that teaches reading the Qoran by the method of Qiroati can not be imposed on the students, because it can turn off the creativity and logical power of students. By giving the stimulus students will be able to develop their own abilities so that it is more resilient and powerful.

  • Notice the Reading errors

The error in reading the Qur'an Qiroati method can not be underestimated. Mistakes such as forgetting are mistakes that must be reminded at that time and are allowed to continue, so it can cause the habit to always be wrong when reading. So that this habit is not a continuation, then the teacher needs to anticipate with direct rebuke and do not wait for the end time of the verse or end of the reading.
Thus the explanation of the different methods of Ummi and Qiroati in learning the Qur'an.

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