Various Ways Of Performing Hajj

By doing a solemn pilgrimage ' and become a hajj Mabrur, then the reward promised by Allah SWT. Very spacious. It is said that the reward of the person who performs the Hajj and his hajji is Mabrur saving or accepted, and the reply will be in heaven. Meanwhile, it is also mentioned that one of the most afdol or main practices is performing hajj.

The Meaning of Hajj

The meaning of Hajj is to deliberately visit the Kaaba located in the city of Mecca and some other places with the intention to perform a number of worship series in accordance with the conditions and pillars that have been established by the Islamic sharia.

The most major Jihad is to be the hajj that Mabrur saving is some of the virtue of Hajj expressed by Rasulullah saw. As a person who can afford to do hajj, do not delay to do so while the soul still dwells in the body. Because Hajj is not obliged to every Muslim who is willing to travel to the House of God called and obliged.

Various Ways Of Performing Hajj

The implementation of Hajj is seen from the way the implementation is grouped into three kinds of hajj. The three Hajj implementation are:

Hajj Ifrad

Hajj Ifrad is the implementation of Hajj which is done separately between Hajj and Umrah. Hajj and Umrah worship is carried out separately and at different times even though they remain in one hajj season. In Hajj Ifrad, the Hajj is first done and then do Umrah and remain in one hajj season.

The procedures of Hajj Ifraad are:
  1. Doing ihram from Miqat with the intention of hajj
  2. Then return ihram from Miqat with the intention of ' Umrah
  3. Hajj Ifraad no payment of dam or penalty
  4. To be denied Tawaf arrival details on Hajj Ifraad

Hajj Qiran

Qiran means that together the Hajj and Umrah worship are jointly implemented. In other words, all the implementation of ' Umrah is included in the implementation of Hajj.

The implementation of Hajj Qiraan is:
  1. Doing ihram from Miqat with the intention of Hajj and Umrah
  2. Conduct a whole series of hajj implementation
  3. The Qiraan Hajj is required to pay a dam or fine

Tamattu Hajj

Tamattu contains the meaning of having fun in other words that the Hajj Tamattu is to perform Hajj and Umrah separately, which is to do Umrah first and then perform a series of Hajj rituals.
The procedure for implementing Hajj Tamattu is:
  1. Doing ihram from Miqat with Umrah intention
  2. Then return ihram from Miqat with the intention of hajj worship
  3. Required to pay dam or fine
Thus the article on the various ways of implementing Hajj may be useful.

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