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Definitions Of Social Science In General And According To Experts

Understanding of Social Science in general

Social Science is a science that discusses and examines human life both individually and as a social creature and its interactions with the environment. The complete object of Social Science study is human life, human environment and related aspects of human life.

Definition of Social Science based on information from experts

Mulyono Tj. (1980:8) with the view that social science is an interdisciplinary approach (inter-disciplinary approach) of the lessons of social sciences, such as sociology of cultural anthropology, social psychology, history, geography, economics, politics, and so on.

Saidiharjo (1996:4) states that social sciences are a combination or a result of the fusion or combination of a number of subjects such as geography, economics, history, sociology, politics

Moeljono Cokrodikardjo has the view that social sciences are a manifestation of an interdisciplinary approach of social sciences. It is the integration of many not least branches of social sciences namely sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology, history, geography, economics, Political science and human ecology, formulated for instructional purposes with exercises and Simplified objectives for easy learning.

Nu'man Soemantri stated that social sciences are a simplified social sciences lesson for Elementary education, JSS, and senior high school. Simplification implies:

A) lowering the difficulty level of social sciences usually studied at the university to be a lesson in accordance with the maturity of thinking elementary and advanced school students,
b) Linking and combining various branches of social sciences and community life to become an easy-to-digest lesson.

S. Nasution defines social sciences as a lesson that is a fusion or a combination of a number of social subjects. It is stated that social science is a part of a school curriculum that is related to the role of the human being in a society consisting of not least the subject of history, economy, geography, sociology, anthropology, and psychology Social.

Djahiri (Sapriya, 2006:7) said that social science is a science that combines a number of concepts of choice from the branches of social and other sciences, then processed according to the explanation of the principle Education and didactic to serve as teaching programmes at the school level.

Keller (Sapriya, 2006:6) defines social science as a unit of some other social and scientific sciences that are not bound by certain disciplines, but the link with planned educational activities and systematically for the purpose of the school's teaching program with the aim of improving, developing, and advancing humanitarian-community relationships. In accordance with the opinion.

Sumantri (2001:89) said that the social sciences are an educational program and not a sub-discipline of its own, so it will not be found either in the nomen of the philosophy of science, social sciences (social science), and Educational Sciences.
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