How To Learn Quran For Beginners

Learn Quran is reading the Qur'an which is the Holy Book of Muslims. Koran in Islamic view is a worship that will reward the people who pay themselves and the person who listened to it. Mengaji able to give his own heart to the culprit. Thus, the Koran is a must to be done by every Muslim person.

How To Learn Quran For Beginners

Many people who say that the Koran is something difficult especially for those who do not get used to it, especially have not had time to learn as a child. But basically, the preconception is not entirely true considering that not few people can afford to pay well when they learn as they are grown up.

That said, it's a beginner, so everything will feel odd and hard to do. But by knowing the steps that must be done, then I think they will quickly understand. Similarly, in learning the Koran, those who know the steps will be easy to understand and fluent in reading the Qur'an. Here are the things that must be known for beginners who want to learn the Koran.

1. Knowing the letters of HIJAIH

A plain, Hijaiah letter is also called Arabic. This is a green letter that every beginner who wants to learn the Koran should know. The Hijaiah letters are 30 letters. Here are the Hijaiah letters that must be notified.

2. Know the Harakat or punctuation

Punctuation or a diary is one thing that must be known especially for beginners. Harakat is a sign that will give a different sound difference to the same letter. The following must be known as punctuation marks or hares.
  • Fathah. Fathah is if there is a flat line on the letter of the Hyjaiah. How to read it is read '' A". 
  • Kasrah. Kasrah is when there is a flat line under the letter of the Hyjaiah. How to read read "I"
  • Dammah. Dammah is when there is a sign like No. 6 or No. 9 on the letter of the Hyjaiah. How to read "U" reads.
  • Breadfruit 
  • Tasydid. Tasydid is a harakat that forms a letter like "W". How to read them duplicated.
  • Tanwin. Tanwin is a sign of a vowel on Arabic script to declare that the letter at the end of the word is pronounced like meeting the letter of the deceased nun.
  • Waqaf. Waqaf is a stop sign.

3. Knowing Tajwid

Tajwid is the rule of reading the Qur'an to be known by beginners who want to learn the Koran. 

Tajwid referred to include the reading laws of Nun Sukun, Mim Sukun, Law of pathy readings, recitation of Ra, Qalqalah, and the law of reading mad.

4. Routine exercise

The most major note for beginners who are new to studying the Koran is regular and consistent exercises. With a regular exercise then I think it will not be too long to be proficient in reading the Qur'an.

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