Effective And Efficient Learning Tips For Students

Effective and efficient learning is essential for every student to know. It will provide satisfactory learning outcomes while increasing students ' understanding of the materials learned. 

Effective and efficient learning Tips for students

The following are explained effective and efficient learning tips for students:

1. Learning using Multimedia 

Try to make use of multimedia sophistication in knowing the material that is hard to understand. You can try to visit video sites on Youtube where there are not very few educational videos that can simplify a complex concept of reading. 

In addition, seek browsing by using Google, look for educational websites that offer training materials using Flash, then we will pursue millions of resources that can be accessed for free.

2. Learning by teaching friends or giving training

This used to be not uncommon when I was still a student (even to a student now) so that the training material I got was not easy to lose and overflowed: teach a friend. 

Yes, if we have mastered a certain material, then dividing and trying to hand over the understanding of others strengthens our understanding. 

3. Learning with many discussions

Try to venture to start a discussion. Whether it is throwing questions or help answer and declare a concept. Discussing will spur your creativity in developing the material concept to the extent that your understanding is progressively expanding through the discussion.

4. Writing articles or Books

This is usually a lazy sometimes executed people. It is, not all people like to take notes but the whole person CAN write. By noting and then we pass it on to the public, demanding that we actually learn the lessons you are writing. My experience of writing books and articles on the Blog Kak Arry as my format ' bind ' The sciences I have learned.

5. Forming a regular study group

Having a learning group can accelerate your understanding of the lesson because it can share understanding with each other. It could be that we are quite old (even hours) knowing the material A, while by learning the group, there are our partners who can describe the lesson A in the past 10 minutes! The smartest way, isn't it?

6. Effective and efficient learning by applying theories in real life

This is obviously very helpful in knowing the subject matter. Application of theories learned in class, from books, or from seminars in the form of real-life software. Sometimes even if you've done the steps above, but if we don't apply that science sometimes you'll forget it. So, although little, apply the theories by drafting small or large projects. 

My experience in industrial engineering UI, there are a number of courses that approach this learning. Getting a big task about a semester is ' forcing ' me to apply that science in real life. But the results are toker! I do not take a little exercise from experience, rather than just reading material.

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