Basic Program of reading Qur'anic Methods Ummi

This program aims to attract quality standards of reading Quran teachers or prospective teachers from the Quran, as well as to ensure the Quran teachers in teachers/students who will teach the way the Quran is both Ummi and Tartil.

Basic Program of reading Qur'anic methods Ummi 

This program is to promote the reading and attitude of the teacher candidates/teachers to read AL-Quran the Good Qur' an/tartil. Those who have passed and increased tashih qualify for the way Quran teacher Certificate Ummi.

A. A basic methodology and learning direction of Quran management

The Program is held for 3 days to submit how to teach Quran way Ummi, and organization and management of the Quran learning by means of the UMMI methodology. Teachers who pass the certificate of Quran teachers will get Shehadeh/certificate as Teacher Way Quran Ummi. 

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Material as for Certification Material:

1. Vision-Mission

  • Build awareness of the importance of strong and important vision.
  • Building vision: Generation Qur'anic Guru.
  • Building tasks: Teaching the Quran is worship and da'wah.
2. Quality Assurance System
Giving prospective teachers should be understood that 60% quality in the hands of teachers. Comment Prospective teachers about 9 pillars of quality assurance system.

3. Easy learning methodology to read Quran
Ummi build attitudes and hone the skills of prospective teachers on how to teach reading the Koran easy and enjoyable move.

4. Classroom Management
Provide prospective teachers on how to build a positive and disciplined attitude to students or students while in class.

5. Tartil Quran
Prospective teachers who studied Al-Quran tarteel The standard way of Ummi and how to do this on students/students, stability and development of the songs how to Murottal Ummi on prospective teachers.

6. Ghoroib Quran
Prospective teachers to better understand and read the practice in the Qur'an that the foreign technique of musylightning/and teaching students/students.

7. Intonation Basics
To give prospective teachers about the basic theory of the TAJWID basic objectives and education of the student/student.

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8. Learn Quran Management
Building awareness of the importance of teachers is good management potential. To provide prospective learning management teachers who can help to learn effectively.

9. Teaching Micro
Prospective teachers learn the standard practice structure of the way Ummi. Classes on micro-teaching

B. Training (Ummi extension implementation method)

Training and Orientation program which is the quality of Quran teachers in schools and institutions that the UMMI system is applied so that you can achieve the goal of achieving quality assurance for students/students.

Activities include:

  • Learn Process Control.
  • Development of management/learning management.
  • Teacher training.
  • Continuous Improvement Program

C. Supervision (Ummi quality assurance care system performed at the Institute)

Is a program to evaluate and monitor the quality of Quran teaching in schools and institutions that implement the UMMI system which aims to provide accreditation for the institution.

Assessment includes:

  • The number of certified teachers.
  • Implementation of the learning process in class.
  • Standard student learning outcomes.
  • The number of days effective Quran (HEQ).
  • Teacher and student ratios.
  • Administration/Ministry of Education.
  • Teacher guidance on implementation and quality evaluation of education.

D. Munaqasyah (External quality/evaluation of the results of monitoring of Quran learning by Ummi)

Assessment of the ability of the Program/student at the end of the study to determine graduating students.
Test materials include:

  • Fashohah and the newspaper Tartil (chapters 1-30).
  • Ghoroib Read and commented on it.
  • The scientific theory of Tajwid identifies the law of reading.
  • Dhikr from Surah Al-Ala even the people.
  • Munaqasah includes tartyl reading of the Qur'an and Tahfidz (conservation), Quran, both chapters 30.29, 28.27, as well as in chapters 1-5

E. Khotaman and Imans (a common test as a form of accountability and gratitude)

It is crowded in the elegant and simple cases and the involvement of all stakeholders, as well as. Live report and the real quality of the results of learning Quran. Parents are students to parents/communities. Events include:

  • Experimental reading and memorizing Al-Quran
  • The general test of Reading, memorizing and reading skills and enhancing the basic Gharib
  • Test the Quran expert from team Ummi with a specific material scope

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