The Best Way To Overcome Oily Face

As we know together that the skin produces oil that aims to protect the skin from outside hazards such as pollution and dust that will enter the pores of our skin. In addition, oil on the skin as a fluid that is able to keep the skin's youth and make skin supple. But oil on the skin is excessive, especially on facial skin will add new problems for us.

The best way to overcome oily face

Excess oil on the skin or a brief we call oily face will cause a lack of confidence when performing in public because the face will look dull and shiny. The oily face will capture the air around us then the dust and pollution will settle on our face or skin. 

The result is a closed facial pore and acne. Oily face can be due to several factors as follows:

1. Overcoming oily face by avoiding fatty foods

We know together that foods that contain a lot of fat are not good in consumption by humans because of the presence of fat and cause disease. Excess oil on the skin is a mild problem that is caused by consuming foods that contain a lot of fatties.

2. Overcoming oily face by maintaining hormone balance

Excess oil on the face is one sign that a child has begun to enter adolescence. A teenager should adapt to the new things that happened to him. In adults, especially women will produce a lot of oil during menstruation. Therefore, the activities we do should be kept as good as possible. Balanced food intake with the activity we do will reduce the amount of oil coming out of our body.

3. Overcoming oily face with suitable cosmetics

Most girls who have begun to enter the age of teenagers have started to wear cosmetic equipment to support their performances. And it's not in the matter. But it's good for teenagers not to wear cosmetic tools made from chemicals. Such habits can produce excess oil, irritation and can make the face more sensitive if the face does not match the chemical materials like that. Before you decide to use any of the cosmetic products experiment first on the part of the hand.

4. Overcoming oily face with diligent face washing

Keeping your face up is very important. To avoid excess oil simply wash the face with soap 2x a day (do not more).

5. Overcoming oily face with drinking lots of water

Drinking 2 litres a day will keep the metabolism on the body. During the extra activity, if the body contains a lot of water, the sweat will be slightly tried.

6. Overcoming oily face with warm water

Dip a small towel into sturdy warm water that has been mixed with a little salt, gently sweep it on your face. Try to feel the thrill of life. Next, the facial pores will open and the salt will remove the dirt on the face.  

7. Overcoming oily face with egg whites

Use as a mask. How to break the egg and separate the yellow and white. Beat the egg whites until foaming. Apply it to the face and let it dry.  Then wipe with warm water.

8. Overcoming oily face with tomato/cucumber/potato

These three pieces can be used before bedtime. It's very easy. Wash your face first. Then slice one of the fruits. Wipe it to your face, let it dry. The next month wipe your face with a towel soaked with warm water. After that rinse with cold water to close back the facial pores.

9. Overcoming oily face with celery leaves

In addition to being a food flavouring, apparently, celery is also able to reduce the oil content on the face. The trick is a small cut of celery leaves, but before preparing the water in a small pot. Then boil two glasses of water until boiling. Put the small cut celery. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Angakat and chill. Apply on the face evenly. Wait until it is completely pervasive. Continue to rinse with a face cleanser.

That's some of the best ways to cope with oily faces that can easily be done at home. Don't carelessly buy cosmetic manufacturers. In addition to being more efficient, using a traditional way does not cause side effects as well as being able to maintain your skin health.

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