The Powerful Way Of Treating Toothaches With Traditional Herbs

Toothache is caused by a variety of things that can happen to yourself. Among the causes of toothache include bacteria, consuming too much sweet foods such as sweets or chocolate, perforated teeth and swollen gums and gums bleed. In fact, consuming foods that contain too much garlic can also cause toothache.

The powerful way of treating toothaches with traditional herbs

But it shouldn't be too worried if you have a toothache. Banya things you can do in an easy and inexpensive way to overcome these toothache with traditional herbs.  Here's a powerful way of treating toothache with traditional herbs that could cure your toothache.

Leaf ki Tolod

The Leaf  Tolod can be used to treat toothache. In the way, take 2 pieces of Ki tolod leaves then washed clean and pounded fine, put on the hole of the sick tooth. Let stand up to several hours, after it is replaced with a new one.

Fractured rubber

Bone fracture is a plant that can be used as medicine. One of them is to treat toothache. How to treat toothache with a fractured gum is: Take a few drops of fractured rubber with clean cotton. Then, turn the fractured sap into your sick tooth. Do it 1-2 times a day, but remember you should be careful not to get healthy teeth too.

Javanese chilli leaves

Take the fresh, Javanese chilli leaves as many as the next 3 sheets you washed and then smooth. Brew with 1/2 cups of hot water. The water you strain while still warm. Next you use Berkumur-kumur. In addition to the leaves its roots can also be used. You simply chew the roots for a while later you dispose. Do it several times.

Afternoon Fireworks

The afternoon flower leaves can be used to treat toothache and swollen gums. The trick is to take several leaves of the afternoon and boil. The water you use to Berkumur-kumur while still warm.

Avocado seeds

Take a dried avocado seed, then pounded until smooth. Take the avocado seed and attach it to cover the hollow tooth. Let stand a few minutes, then replace it with a new one.

Coconut shell

Maybe some of you are surprised, how can coconut shell treat toothache. The trick is to burn the coconut shell which is still a bit wet. It usually gets out of the oil from the coconut shell. Well, take the coconut shell oil with a cotton, then stick to the sick tooth.

Betel leaf

Please take some betel leaf sheet, then you boil with two glasses of water until boiling. Wait until cold then use water decoction of betel leaf to gargle. Do it regularly until your teeth heal.

Like that a powerful way of treating toothache with traditional herbs. There are a lot of medicinal plants around us that can be used to cure toothache. Hopefully the health article on how to treat a dental pain with this traditional herb beneficial to the readers.

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