The Powerful Way To Maintain Lung Health

The powerful way to maintain lung health

The lungs are one of the very important organs in the human body, therefore it is very important to know how to maintain lung health so that the lungs can function properly. There are many ways you can take care of your lungs ' health. 

The following is explained how to maintain a potent lung health.

1. Learn how to breathe correctly

Learning how to breathe properly is necessary exercises for those of you who suffer from respiratory problems. You can learn from more skilled people, like therapists and doctors.

2. Drink enough water

Water is the remedy of all diseases in the body. Water containing oxygen that will make the lungs work optimally. In addition, white water can also cleanse dirt or mucus in the lungs. Drink enough water 8 glasses per day.

3. Exercise regularly

With regular exercise you can practice breathing, it can also tighten the muscles of the respiratory system so that you can breathe well. You don't have to do any heavy sports, but you can do light sports like jogging or walking every morning and afternoon.

4. Consumption of healthy foods

Consuming healthy foods containing antioxidants such as oranges can feed to the lungs. Try not to eat fat rich foods, especially saturated fats. Also make sure you eat foods that contain balanced nutrition.

5. Avoid smoking and smoke

The current smoker is certainly not something new but it will be at high risk of lung disease. Not just an active smoker, a passive smoker who inhales cigarette smoke is also a greater risk of lung disease. Pollution can also cause lung disease.

6. Maintain Ideal body weight

Weight loss or obesity can cause many diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure of the heart and lungs. and body fat can make the heart and lungs work more heavily because fat people need more oxygen. So you have to keep your weight to be more ideal so that the lungs can be healthier and avoid different types of diseases.

7. Avoid eating invasive foods

Foods and beverages containing gases such as soft drinks, alcohol, jackfruit, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon, onions, radish, cucumber, cabbage and others. Being soft food can make breathing uncomfortable.

8. Avoid direct contact with chlorine

Chlorine can make lung work worse than usual. Chlorine is not only about food, but can also come from tap water. Therefore, you should use filters or filters on the faucet so that the water is not run on chlorine.

9. Do not eat cold foods and drinks

Avoid as much food and cold drinks as possible because the tissues in the lungs are very sensitive to cold and can even freeze the blood vessels. Therefore, you should only eat while still warm. Food

10. Limit the feeding that causes mucus in the lungs

Foods that can cause the accumulation of mucous foods are those that contain a lot of sugar like chocolate and sweets. Mucus sticking to the lungs may cause symptoms of chronic lung disease which is then known.

11. Preserving the body so it does not stress

The lungs are also closely related to human feelings. This will cause the lungs to work harder than usual if you are sad, upset or depressed.

12. Breathing with the nose

If you have a habit of breathing with your mouth, you should immediately stop the habit. Breathing using the nose can make the air that enters into the body become cleaner for, cleaned with nose hair and actually serving to filter the dirt from the air.

13. Eat foods that contain omega-3

Foods that contain high omega-3 can be medications that suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

14. Vitamin C Consumption

Foods that contain vitamin C are very good for the lungs as they can be reduced from the lungs that will be optimised.

15. Avoid garlic

Garlic contains substances referred to in the Acillin material that can make a golden infection of the lungs.

16. Fruit consumption

We recommend fruits and vegetables that can cleanse the lungs, such as apples, berries, pomegranates and wine consumption.

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