Tips For Memorizing The Koran

Every Muslim wants to memorize the Quran with heart. Most Muslims complain that they do not have enough time to devote to memorizing the Qur'an because of the bustle of their daily life routines. 

Memorization of the Quran is a spiritual and physical project that is a little difficult for those who just want to start with a solid schedule. If one wants to memorize the Qur'an then it is a miracle and a blessing from God in the person who wants to absorb the Qur'an in his heart.

Tips For Memorizing The Koran

Below mentioned some practical tips that are helpful in memorizing the Quran and have been proposed by those who have successfully memorized the Quran by following them:

1. Intention

First of all, you have to pay attention to your intention that is the purpose of memorizing the Koran ought to please God Almighty. Your intention shouldn't be exhibitionist in front of others that you have memorized a lot.

2. Arise early in the day

Be the first to wake up and offer Fajr prayers in advance in the mosque. When you are done with the morning prayer, spend a few minutes memorizing the Qur'an.

3. Consistent in memorizing the Koran

The more often you memorize, the easier it becomes. It is very important to be consistent, and not to miss even one day. There is no weekend in worship. So make your habit to memorize Quran every day as much as you can easily.

4. Learn by understanding

An important thing that greatly helps the process of memorizing the Quran is to understand the meaning of the verse that one is memorizing, and know-how they relate to each other. It is important to read the Quran with proper understanding.

5. Say what you memorize in every wrong

In order to more cement what you are learning into memory, you can read verses every day in five daily prayers.

6. Surround yourself with recitation of the Quran

Listen to the Quran before you begin to memorize it. So you come to know what you will memorize. 

7. Read the Quran to others

It is very common for someone to make mistakes while memorizing the Surah, without realizing it even when someone sees the Mushaf. Be sure to have a companion or teacher who can listen to your reading.

8. Environmental Disorder Free

The best way to memorize the Quran is in an isolated place with little or no distractions at all. By ensuring that the environment is quiet, you will be able to increase focus and thus be able to retain what you memorized.

9. Pray

Make Prayer a remembrance and a blessing of God. Fortunately, there are two at the end of each Quran that you can say at any time before ending your Quran session.

Try and apply the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to memorize the Quran over a period of time God willing.

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