Tips On Reading The Qur'an When Busy

By the time we are busy working in the office, sometimes it is difficult to take the time to read the Qur'an especially when the work again accumulates plus the claim to immediately solve it just in time. Such a moment that sometimes makes us very difficult even forgot to read the Qur'an.

Tips on reading the Qur'an when busy

However, as people who want to reap the benefits of the promised priority for the people who read the Qur'an, as busy as anything we will not make us forget to read the Qur'an. 

Indeed to do something that is considered difficult, we need specific tips to overcome it. In case of difficulty reading Qur'an at a busy time, we will describe 4 tips to read the Qur'an. 

1. Always bring a small Qur'an anywhere we go

Small Qur'an will facilitate us in carrying it easily taken and stored for example in a bag or in a bag. Use the spare time of any minimum to read the Qur'an for example at rest or after Duha prayers, Duhur prayers, and ASR prayers or maybe in the breaking time.

2. Never give up

Starting something new let alone that it does feel difficult sometimes makes us feel bored. It is indeed natural, but it does not mean it makes us give up to do so. There is no need to hurry to read the Qur'an gradually. The most common problem for beginners is to give up before committing, this must be avoided.

3. Create a daily Target

A good activity should have a target to be achieved. In reading the Qur'an we can target every day, for example, one juice but the target should not be difficult for us. In setting targets we should be able to achieve realistically based on our time considerations. There is no need to set a target that is too high that can be a burden for us even though the invoice is low but can be done.

4. Commitment

After all three points have been done then the key to the next success is the commitment to reading the Qur'an. If we have committed to reading the Qur'an then Insha Allah all Halau obstacles will only be a challenge in getting the grace of Allah SWT. Conversely, if reading the Qur'an is interrupted and unsustainable, we will most likely be lazy to do so because a high commitment will give birth to a great motivation. 

The commitment to read the Qur'an and repeatedly will make us accustomed and it will become a habit and something that has become a habit will be personality and personality that is the value of man. By that, the best personality is the personality of the Qur'an as the personality of Rasulullah saw. 

Such tips read the Qur'an when you are busy hopefully this article gives benefits and can cultivate motivation in reading the Qur'an anywhere.

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